No Unicycling?

My school put up a sign on the gym door that says “no unicycling” and i think that it is hilarious, but i’m at school right now so i’ll post the pics later.


HAHAHAHAh good job guy… Are there alot of other unicyclist in ur school??

you should say that it’s not a unicycle it’s a “monocycle”

I can’t wait till

“Unicycling is not a crime”

is a common saying.


true, we need make some tshirts

i hate when it says no bikes alowed on a sign in like the park or a skate park cuz sure they consider us bikist too

lol that’s so hilarious. Great job man to make them actually make a sign and put on the door just because of you unless there are other unicyclists in your school.

the pics

me and my frinds were showing my gym teacher and the janitor came in and yelled at us then they put up signs on both doors, but both signs had spelling errors, then they finally put up good ones. and also i’m having alot of trouble uploading the pics, could someone help me?

if at a skatepark it says no bikes they include unicycles. but you can always go in anyway . theyll just kich u out after like 15 minutes.

thats one of the very good thing about unis.


sweeet… thats just about the coolest! cant wait for pix!

that is really funny

yeah i go to his school too.

Every skatepark like that I’ve been to, I’ve never been kicked out. I even stayed at one for 2 hours once.

(course the skateparks around here are small)

ive been kicked out about 8 times…

wheres the pic then?