No uni... boredem insues...

Well folks, Here i am on a tuesday sitting in sweat pants on this forum. Why you ask?

#1 - crank arms being shipped to udc
#2 - went to a weird al concert last night and lost a set of car keys and didnt get back until 4am, then slept in til 11am.
#3 - nothing better to do
#4 - too lazy to play guitar
#5 - atleast i showered
#6 - partially rainy

Well, if anyone knows anything i can do with my unicycle or lack there of. Or if you went to that same concert and want to talk about it.

If your uni is fine apart from the cranks and if it is dry out you could learn to/practice wwing, 1ft, wwing, gliding, sideways wwing or any other trick that doesnt require cranks.

Play footbag/slackline/juggle or ride w/ one foot w/ working crank, hop on wheel, leg wraps, etc.

first, i dont wana smash my axel (could happen) and its sorta raining out, and im not into sports that involve more than one person unless im jamming with my band or playing starwars battlefront. and juggling… i dont even wana try anymore…

actually! I’ll grab my guitar and start composing more

That’s all you need man.


i went to a weird al concert at the oc fair