NO!! My poor uni... *cries*

The other day, I was just minding my own business, riding my unicycle all over the place, when suddenly I noticed that my right pedal was acting funny. I quickly got off of my uni and looked at it, and nothing seemed wrong. I pushed it for a little ways, and got back on it. And the same thing happened, but this time it was worse. I got off of it again, and jiggled it with my hand. All of a sudden, the pedal came off! I’m like, “what the crap!” I looked on the inside of the crank, and the thread was completely stripped.

I’m still not quite sure why it happened, but I have been working on hopping with it recently, so this might be the reason. I have been using it a lot recently, and it’s been going through quite a bit of wear. I fall off of it a lot, and sometimes I end up kicking one of the pedals a little too hard.

I just bought a new set of crank arms, and even a new set of pedals, just for fun, but I’m still going to be deprived from riding my unicycle for a couple of weeks. I’m going through withdrawals right now and I’m not sure if I can handle it. Luckily for me I have a friend with a uni, so I can ride his around when he’s not on it (which is almost never…). Or I could “borrow” it for a while. I’m sure he won’t notice…

I dont really have a good reason to write this, except that I’m really bored and have nothing else to really do right now.

Happy uni-ing! (except for me…)

go to wal-mart or similar, get something called plastic epoxy , fill the hole w/ it, let it dry, viola!!! piece of crap fix, but it will work as long as you don’t jump anything big.

Yeah, I rode like that for a month, then I welded the pedals on.

that works too

the cranks aren’t weakened tooo much?

I like your quote on the sig. I do that alot its really funny to have people stare at you and wonder why your smiling.
Sorry about your crank by the way.

Hahahahaha. I want to see what your crank looks like with a pedal welded onto it! What happens if the pedal breaks?

Tim, people stare at you and wonder all the time.

I wasn’t concerned about breaking it. Was on a Norco Twenty, learning Unicycle.

the reason your pedal fell off is mostly likely the Right crank is on the left side, and vice versa,

check for an R+L on the insides of the cranks (and the pedal ends) and make sure the cranks are on the proper side, and the proper pedals are on the proper cranks (if you have to focibly mash the pedal into the crank, it’s probbaly the wrong pedal)

even with new cranks on, if hey are backwards, the pedal will come out as you ride

I didn’t believe that pedals could unscrew themselves from riding backwards or having the cranks on the wrong sides.

But then it happened while I was riding my DX… I use about 30-40 pounds of torque when putting my pedals on too.

I agree. Every time I have seen someone with a pedal coming loose it has been because the unicycle is assembled wrong which results in the left pedal & crank being on the right side (and of course, the right pedal & crank being on the left side).

that’s why the left hand pedal is reverse-threaded

I stipped a pedal out on a cheapo uni a while back. When I looked to see what failed, the cranks seemed to be the stripped part. I tried to put a new pedal on it anyway and it went right on. I think the pedal stripped and left metel in the crank making it look like it was the threads in the crank. So maybe you can try just putting a different pedal on her, may work…?

Yeah, but with 30-40 pounds of torque… it doesn’t seem like it should come off.

I guess it’s from the torque rotating on the spindle that eventually loosens it.

You’d be surprised how much torque you put on your pedals while riding.

And it isn’t just the amount of torque, it’s also the number of times it gets the torque. :astonished:

thats what she said!


I just stripped another crank on my Coker. Seems this happens at least once a year. I average 35 miles/week, road.

Seems the problems mentioned here (pedal on the wrong side) would create a problem much sooner.

What is the problem and how can I prevent it?

Also, none to the LBS have cranks anywhere around 150 in stock, whihc means I have to stop riding while the LBS orders the crank.

Should I keep cranks on hand for this?

i had my pedals unscrew and strip out the crank and it was from having the seat on backwards. I did a quick fix by putting a big bolt throgh the crank and putting big washers on each side claped together with two nuts. Then i put a peace of pipe on the bolt with double sided tape on it. then i put sand paper on the tape to add grip to the slippery pipe. But tommorrow i am riding to the lbs and buying new cranks.