No Koxx or Impact in North America?!?!?

These unicycles are so popular and even dominant in other parts of the world. So why are these high end and popular unicycles not available in north america? They are available on other UDC sites, so why not here? Renegade has some stuff but their koxx is mostly the older generation and they only have some parts in stock for impact.

So why dont we, and when are we actually gonna have a choice of brands here in North America other then KH?

dont get me wrong. I love KH as much as the next man, but there has got to be a reason that so many other riders are riding impact or koxx. A reason I would like to have the opportunity to experience.

Eh, I don’t know much about it. Renegade can get you almost anything you want, but you may have to wait for it. Probably faster to order from overseas yourself. I got my Impact Regeant from them (they had one pre-built in stock) an, and I love it. I’ve ridden the KH and there really isn’t a big difference between the two except for price. The Impact saddle is amazing, thin and it just feels right. But yeah, I know what you mean about wanting to try one. That’s pretty much the reason I got the Impact over the KH.

I guess my point is:
The demand for unicycling in North America is easily as great as it is in Europe. Why does UDC not carry all the unicycle options? should we really have to call Renegade (primarily a juggling store) to order parts that the leading unicycle web site does not carry? sounds kind of silly to me

Very much agree with you. It is very silly. I would also love to be able to get these from someone like UDC. I also love KH but I personally use some impact stuff and it really would be nice to be able to have easier access to it.

good to see that a lot of people care about this…

only US supplier and they got most of the K1 and Impact products (but not all such as impact’s street cranks and the new K1 frames)

read the whole thing before posting next time…

Hey Phil,

Got some news you might like t hear :slight_smile:

1st of all is located in germany , however it is also UDC’s international supplier. this means they ship all their products worldwide, unlike all of the UDC stores (for example the UDC in Hungary wont ship to Canada or the U.S.A). So you can order all of the impact and koxx parts you want from, however there will be a greater shipping price then say from renegade.

i have spoken with Pete of (canada’s UDC) about this and he says he is going to be Canada’s supplier of Koxx one parts now that division 8 is gone . He says it is taking much longer for him to get everything and get the pictures prices and discriptions up on his sight right now as he is talking with both parties (those in France and those in Taiwan) so that he can get the products straight from Taiwan, eliminating the middle man in France so he can have the same prices as the k124 website :slight_smile: this does take time though. … and will ship to the U.S.A as well as canada if i remeber correctly… if you want to request specific items to be in the container when he orders, email him so he can make sure he orders the part (ie. if you wanted a karbon koncept frame). this beneifts both parties, as pete will have a definite buyer and sale and you [U]will[U] get the part you want.

some of this info might not be spot on, as its midnight and i just finished work but this is what i remeber at the moment. Never hurts to contacts the suppliers and ask, espeicially since it helps give them an idea of what the people want. although i agree with you 100% on everything you said in your first post (it is more difficult to get impact, k1, mad4one, and exceed parts in the U.S. and Canada).

Hope this helped:o

feel free to correct me if any of this info is wrong…

I would really like to see UDC in America carry other brands besides Nimbus and KH. It gives riders more variety and options to try new things and better improve the sport of unicycling. I hope someone from UDC reads this thread and responds to why they dont carry the other brands.

that is really good to hear. I am a little broke atm. but i think I will write him and email about it. sounds like north america is starting to get on board

Just send an e-mail to a UDC shop in North America.:slight_smile:
I don’t live in North America, but I also think it would be pretty annoying if there is no Koxx-one and Impact in Europe.