no footers/360's

does anyone have any tips on doing no footers? I can do them on the ground and off small drops but not very big. I also need tips on doing 360’s

if you do a wheel grab-no footer it makes it much easier… unless you’re talking about coasting, then I can’t help you w/ that

360’s … i can do them every once in a while, i really have to think about what im doing to pull it off, you can start by doing 180s w/ your whole body instead of just twisting the lower half … then twist the lower half like you would a normal 180 and you should get at least 270 if you do 180s a lot

yea and for some reason they are harder to do off of drops. i dont know why or maybe its just me

nah i find the exact same thing with no footers its sooo much harder off a drop. it may be due to the fact that it you stuff it youll need a testicular relocation