no footer half flip?

basically as the name suggests its a no footer(without tyre grab) and a half flip. essentially a half flip with your feet as high as possible. i tryed it the other day and sorta landed it (did my wrist on 3rd attempt). has it been done before? if not dibbs on naming rights. also working on no footer half flip with tyre grab.

That is how I and a few other people attempted to learn crankflips.

Yeah thats how I started learning flips.

i can get 3/4 of a flip. but how bout the half flip tyre grab no footer?

Yeah, before I learned full flips I did tire grab half flips and 180 half flips. I just thought of it as just stuff to try when you can’t do normal flips yet.

any ideas for names? hey theres a guy on a giraffe on tv. hes balancing plates on his head. one foot idle, cup on his toe one foot idle, plate on toe. gotta go for dinner

mate, that is so lame. no offence but it seems like you just wanna name a trick. I suggest you try harder on trying to land an ACTUAL flip and forget about this “half flip no footer” the nature of a flip is that it’s always gonna be a no footer, otherwise it is a rev.

Think about it…

it looks better than a normal crankflip to most people who dont know anything about unicycling. to really appreciate a crankflip you have to see it in slo mo. or have the person do a doubleflip.

thats a genial idea!!! i need to learn a 180 flip, just do a half crankflip and a 180 to prepare!! thanks!

I use to mess around with a lot of half new flips (not half flips, half new, stuff i’ll explain). After I learned flips I wanted to learn more (naturally) but I could learn a lot of the harder stuff, well it was frustrating me. So I learned how to do crankflips but bust a huge ariel for a jump, the feet went out and it was a crankflip. I called them arielflips (lame now, but it made the crankflip alittle bit harder back then), then I also learned to kick the cranks with my heel on the pedal instead of my toe, made the flip harder aswell, I called those heelflips, haha, go figure. I don’t do that stuff anymore since it’s kinda lame. If you want to learn more type of flips, do just that, don’t find ways to do the same trick with alittle different motion of your body and think it’s a different trick. Because most likely someone does it like that anyway, and thinks nothing of it.

-Shaun Johanneson