[NL] Schlumpf 29 inch

After moving to different area and not riding much my geared 29 inch.
I am selling it.

Schlumpf 2010 geared hub with the big bearings without the bearing protectors.
Schwalbe racing ralph 29x2.4 with light inner tube
KH 29 inch xc rim
KH Dual cranks 125/150mm
KH 29 Inch frame 2005
Magura hs33 brake
Qu-ax Magnesium Pedals
Flattened KH Street zadel with Reinforcement Plate

1200,- for the whole unicycle.
price is negotiable.

Did you noticed this?

What’s the serial number of the hub? (the uni is not listed here …)
Does a 2005 KH frame fit the hub, or did you need to modify it?

It’s on the list but with the wrong wheel size hub number 255.
I had the hub in a 36 inch now it’s in a 29 inch wheel.
The frame is modified to fit hub i had to grind down the inner lip of the bearing housing.

Thanks. This time I am not going to purchase it (I already have 4 geared unis). But I know some people not active in the forum who may be interested. Maybe you get an offer. Stay tuned.

What would you part with just the hub for?

Price drop

1100,- for the whole unicycle.
850,- for the hub.