nirve fatass vs maxis hookworm

So if I was going to transform my MUni into an urban 24 inch street machine which would be the better tire: the 24 x 3 Nirve Fatass or the 24 x 2.5 Hookworm?

Apparently they are both fairly smooth tires. I have read that the Hookworm runs best at higher pressures; what about the ‘fatass’?

Which one would provide a smooth, cushy but relatively fast ride?


I stock and ride both tires.

I have a Hookworm on my own 24" unicycle.
I have a Fat Ass on my Nirve Switchblade chopper.

I was the first person to ever ride a 24"x3" Dyno Fireball on a unicycle. The Fat Ass and Fireball are the same tire except for the tread pattern. Electra makes a 24x3 tire too.
I have them all in stock.

The Fat Ass looks cooler and is much wider.
It is harder to corner with but is much gives a softer ride.
Really nice on the back of a chopper !

For unicycling, the Hookworm is best.
It rides real nice and has great traction.
Corners well too. Pump it up hard.

For cruising it is awesome as it gives a larger
rolling diameter than most 24" tires.
Not the best for basketball as it feels like a 26".

Let me know if you need any more info.

P.S. Eva arrives tomorrow !

I used to have a Badass on my 26er, now I have a Hookworm. Both are excellent tires for a 26er, but I perfer the Badass. It’s lighter then the Hookworm with a squarer profile. It was also a lot cheaper and gives a much softer ride. The Hookworm is much more rounded and corner better, but the extra weight, and need for higher pressure makes it second on my list.

NOTE: The Badass is the tire with flame tread.