Nimbus X street with moments

With onza limey saddle.

All in really good condition, i’m a wimp and haven’t done anything extreme on it. No visible scratches, Cranks are 137mm. I’ll throw in some twisted pc pedals.

£160 Delivered to the UK.

would you sell the seat, cranks and pedals?

Sorry, i want to sell it as a whole if I can :slight_smile:

Now on ebay :slight_smile:


would you ship to the US?

will be in the uk early march and would be dead keen to take it off you hand for 160 quid… let me know if you are still selling! will watch this post…

If you can give me the money i’ll end the auction and i’ll send it your way when you get here?

Otherwise you can just bid on it…

i miss judged the time i’ll be in the uk will be in Edinburgh for 2 weeks from April 1st til 14th… maybe just bidding on it will be better…


Could i buy the cranks for £25- £30 please

Sorry, it’s already on ebay and i can’t change it now.

Plus the only other cranks i have to replace them with are 114mm qu-ax cranks, which aren’t exactly ideal…

They aren’t that expensive tho, they’re only £42, so if you can raise the extra money you might aas well buy them new :).


ok thanks i thought i would give it a try lo because mine just broke -lol-