Nimbus X Street arrival - Am I weird, I use left foot for unicycling...

Nimbus X Street Arrival!
Today, My friends nimbus x street and aliminum dx pedals arrived and we built the unciycle preety fast. I love the feel and look of the nimbus, especially teh dx pedalsm the frame and th logo on the saddle. had to cut the seatpost it bit but now its fine.
Now i have a partner to ride with that has a good uni!
He plans to be a flat unicyclist and i plan to be a street unicycles

I mount with my left foot, ride one footed left footed and all other pedal tricks left foot and my friend does everything opposite including crank positioning for hopping. What is the most common foot used and all?

Everyone has a dominant foot and a more natural feeling position. I mount and hop with my right foot back, but many people I know use their right foot forward.

Sort of like goofy and regular stances for skateboarding.

I’m a goofy foot snowboarder. That leads to which side i hop to (right).

Right foot back, left foot mount, left grab hand. I ride like joe hodges… lol.

Right foot mount, right foot back, right hand and hop to left. I ride like Ryan Atkins… I wish.

I’m a regular footed stance for snowboarding and am left foot forward for uniing…


It seems to me that left foot forward is the most common dominate hopping stance.

I hop left forward, glide and 1ft ww with left foot, but with 1ft riding skills I’m right foot dominate.

I think with unis it’s mostly what you learned with and you might actually be going against your true dominance.


I am right handed and right footer, but I mount with my left and do all my foot tricks with my left; and I hold the saddle with my left hand.

Do whatever feels comfortable, there is no right, wrong or weird.

My right foot is my dominate foot.

I mount with my right foot, hold the seat with my right hand, my left foot is the forward foot, I jump to my left.

hmmm I jump to my right with my left foot forward

So are you one of those people who outspins in the opposite direction? That would make smallspins easy but varials hard right?

Is there anything wrong with spinning your unispins anti clockwise if you hop right foot forward? Or clockwise if you hop left foot forward. I don’t do it I’m just wondering.

O and I hop right foot forward, spin unispins and outspins clockwise, hold the seat right handed. I don’t think it really matters. Except for maybe which direction you sidehop to and which hand you hold the seat with.