Nimbus X Freestyle


I’m selling my Nimbus X Freestyle. I bought it when I came back from UNICON XIV. After seeing all of those crazy freestylers, I decided to get seriously into freestyle but 1 week and a half later, I realised it just wasn’t my thing. It has been sleeping in my garage since then. The frame is 400mm.

It is almost new and I’m selling it for 250$ CAD (about 200$ USD) + shipping
I’m open to any negotiations.

Ask for more pictures

P.S.: The money will go for my trip to Unicon XV :slight_smile:

If you haven’t sold it after unicon I will buy it :p.

I might be interested, if you still have it. What kind of saddle does it have? And do you know how much it would be to ship it to Alberta?

It’s sold !