nimbus x frame not fitting

I just bought a nimbus x street frame and it isn’t fitting on my KH wheelset with an eagle claw tire. is there any way I can fix this? Isn’t this meant to fit? the wheel seems too big for the frame.

i dont think those two are suposed to fit… A lot of stuff probabaly wouldnt fit it maybe. It depends how its not fitting? is it too short? too thin? what?

It is like the wheel is too thick. it doesn’t make sense since the frame is made for their street uni that uses essentially the same set up.

well, does it have clearence for the tire at the top of the frame (where the tire would normally be)? Is it just getting stopped at the berring housing area?

Whatever it is, i could guess the frame isnt made for your wheelset really.

Monty tire is wider then any other tire.
I was a bit worried to when buying a XTP frame, but it all fits snug and even is the best clearance I ever rode.

Peter M

this is the frame. this is the wheel.

That wheel you linked to should work, but you have the Eagle Claw Tire.

With the street frame UDC was aiming for super low crown clearance on the average trials tire which is great for foot on crown tricks. The frame should fit the CC, Luna and Try-All just fine. However, there are a few trials tires (the Eagle Claw to name one) which are a bit wider/taller and as a result may not fit.

Also there are two different versions of the Nimbus X longneck frame. The one with 40mm bearing housings is built for cotterless freestyle unis and the one with 42mm bearing housings is built for trials wheels. Deflate the tire to give yourself some more room and see if the frame fits your bearings flawlessly. If it does not fit then its possible you were sent the one with 40mm bearing holders meant for a freestyle uni.

The frame fits the bearings I think I will just need to go home and get my luna or my creepy crawler.

Not the best picture but here is an idea of the clearance with a creepy crawler tire and Nimbus X frame.

It looks like you might have bought the Nimbus X freestyle frame rather than the Nimbus X Street frame.
In the Nimbus Street unicycle description it says the Nimbus X “frame has been specially widened to fit a large volume trials tire”. So it sounds like the freestyle frame won’t fit a trials tire.


so I switched it to an onza luna and it still isn’t working and I am starting to get pissed.

There are basically 5 Nimbus X frames.

There’s 20 & 24" freestyle frames w/ 40 mm bearings and the newer ones have 42 mm bearing faces, and there is the Street frame.

The street frame is basically a choped down 24" freestyle frame (wider at the crown than the 20" freestyle) w/ 42 mm bearing surfaces.

I believe the 20" frame UDC lists for sale separately is the freestyle one, and if that’s the one you have, it won’t fit. If you built up a BMX uni w/ it, on the other hand it probably would fit that.

The Nimbus X frame I have pictured above was purchased seperately from UDC.

I specifically asked it it would fit a CC tire and they said yes, and it does. But like everyone is saying there are a few different styles of the X frame.

Yeah I’m calling them tomorrow to get this figured out. Hopefully I won’t have to pay the shipping.

The frame you linked to is not the Street frame. Its the normal Nimbus X Freestyle frame that fits ISIS hubs.

I couldnt find the Nimbus X Street frame on the site.

It’s also fairly common for UDC to send the wrong parts, but they always fix it quickly.