Nimbus X 24" vs. Yuni Freestyle 24"

Hello to all…

I’ve been comparing a couple of unicycles and would appreciate any advice. I intend to do some street riding, light off-road riding and working on skills like idling. I own a Yuni 29er that I love, but need something smaller as well.

The two I’ve been looking at are the Nimbus X 24-inch Freestyle Unicycle (out of stock until Christmas 2004) at $179

and the Yuni 24-inch Freestyle with Hookworm Tire at $293

I would probably go through my LBS which would bring down the price a bit.

The Yuni I have seems to be really well-made. Can the same be said of a Nimbus?

I’m 47 years old, about 200 lbs., and 5’ 11".

Any opinions? Thanks for helping me out!


Yuni and Nimbus use the same frames. The difference in pricing is based on the components installed on each unicycle. The Yuni has a few different, name brand, components installed on it.

The Nimbus models are a really great deal. It has a CrMo wide flange hub and a 48 spoke wheel which is very strong. The only thing that you may consider at some point if you don’t ride on gymnasium floors, is to get different pedals. The plastic pedals tend to get slippery when wet.

I own the Nimbus Muni 24 and am extremely happy with it.

That’s good to know about the frames of Yuni and Nimbus. I would be using the cycle during the winter months on a gym floor, but new pedals would be a good idea.

Thanks for the advice, One on One!