Nimbus ventures

Hey guys/girls I was woundering would 150mm Ventures be alright for trials, I’m using 125 moments at the moment but want to try some thing longer and there cheap.

I figure if I dont like them for trials I can use them on my 24" muni…

sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Some people use 145 profiles on their trials, also I’ve heard of some people liking 150’s on their trials. But they would be alot slower for getting to the riding spots, but also you would have more control. Also more pedal strikes.

Yea that’s not really a problem now that I can drive and I normaly have to drive to my riding spots because there so far away from where I live (30min drive). I was thinking maybe the new Koxx-one street cranks because there “true” ISIS or maybe the Impact Groove cranks but they would be way to expensive to import to NZ

yep. 150s will work fine.

just don’t lean into any turns

yea, Turning would be a pain just a little but I’ll think I would manage lol, when I have money I think I’ll order some.

Tensiles are about the same wieght, and stronger, but pricy though.

Jordon waters (you know him?) another tron rider uses 150s and he was a massive trials addict haha

Yea I really want Tensiles but last time I checked UDC UK was out of stock and I dont really want to order from any other UDC shop for Money reason. I think 150 venturs will do fine

I think I know him… Yea I think I will get 150s… and I want 150s on my muni so if I dont like them I can use them on my muni, kind of a win win

I used to ride 150s on my old square taper trials. They were much better than 125s for hopping and doing more trialsy stuff but I got some awful pedal bites when riding around. I could even get a pedal strike on flat ground leaning a bit into a turn.

I am really liking the 137s on my new trials uni and think that they are the cats pajamas but by all means try out the 150s. Especially if you have a MUni that you can transfer them to if you don’t like them on the trials.

i’ve always wanted to try 140’s or 145’s.

koxx makes 140’s right?

yeah reinforced 140 mm

I wouldn’t mind Koxx-one 140 but they have to fit on a KH Ti hub

arent koxx one true isis now?

Yer there ment to be. but I can’t find any of the “new” street cranks