Nimbus Venture

Has anyone got the ISIS Venture cranks yet? surprisingly, they are only 55$!! what a deal. and they are even lighter then the onza tensiles. question is, are they strong?

I keep on going into the reviews section hoping to see info on new products, instead there is requests for info. Seems to me that is what the New Article/Tutorial Request section is for.

too bad nobody uses it.

Nimbus Venture Cranks


I am sending out a pair to 3 riders - one trials - one street - one muni

These riders have been given instructions to put the cranks thur there paces.

We will see what they find - since it is a new product and all.

they are a good crank - designed to be a step below the KH moments

should be good for the pocket book for intermediate riders.


Only 127 and 152?

I need 140…

Yea, something in between might be useful.

I think I remember somebody saying that these cranks won’t be quite compatible with the isis Schlumpf hub. Unfortunately. Because if they were there would be a lighter long distance isis crank.

Some lenght like 139 or 140mm will be better suited for trials indeed.
But aren’t there any pictures of the cranks?
Like to see them.

Never mind, allready found them:
There just Ugly with a big U, like a realy cheap rip-off from the K1 Light cranks.
Except the Light cranks are beautifull…

If they came in 130 I’d get them but I already have enough cranks at other sizes.

Venture Cotterless cranks

I just put a pair of Nimbus Venture Cotterless cranks–125 mm–on my Nimbus titan 36". They are much more solid that the 150 mm cranks that came with it. I am not sure how similar they are to the ISIS version, but they look like they will hold up well.

Now the only problem is that I am not accustomed to 125 mm cranks. I ended up running out of a UPD at speed this afternoon. I cannot run any faster, so there was a definite adrenalin rush and a bruised foot from the experience. It is easy to build up speed with the shorter cranks!

i feel like i’ve seen these cranks before… just can’t seem to figure out where, or who was marketing them. i’d buy 140’s, the sizes they’re currently offered in are good, but it’d be nice to see something available in the middle for trials as well.

These were sold about 4-5 years ago under the name “Nimbus X” cranks

It looks to me that they can save allot more weight by rounding off the edges to the maximum.

I don’t think the photo is the right one. I found this thumbnail on the UDC site, and if you click it the ugly ones come up. Not that these are beautiful, but much better looking than the other pix.

those are square taper cranks…

Same with the link above. :thinking:

Haha, I thought the same thing.

I’d probably get a pair if they came out with 140 though.

These look very much like the K1 Light cranks…

eh alright

they are great for the beginner to intermediate rider, but once you get to drops as low as picnic tables, they start to wear, mine stripped out where the pedal threaded in, so i chalked it down to me not caring for them, so i got a new pair, i greased these and tightened them before every ride, and low and behold, they stripped out again. took them to a bike shop and they said either i was riding them too hard or it was a manufacture defect, either way, get these but be wary and by all means upgrade to the moments if you have the money.

The Venture II is compatible with a Schlumpf hub, fits quite nicely in fact, great low Q for ease of shifting. Ligter than Moments and at half the price.

In terms of durability, I have had no problems, even with repeatedly changing out pedals, but maybe trials riders would fare better with a pedal insert crank like he Moments or K1.

Word on the street has it that KH is going to do away with pedal inserts…

They’re very different, not as wide, have a “fluted” back for strength, also much lighter, and hardly any Q.