Nimbus VCX vs KH Cranks

what your take on Nimbus VCX PLUS ISIS Cranks(100 125 150) fx the KH sprint cranks… The offset might be nice on the KH (125,150) but not sure?

If you are asking which ones you would like, first we have to ask three questions:

What cranks do you ride now?
Do you have a use for the disk mount?
Are these going on a standard width hub, or superwide?

Likely followed up with other questions.

They will go on an oracle so fit is not an issue, the disc in on the hub,
both have 150 135ish…
The question is shape, the KH have a “bowing/curving out shape”
Is there any advantage to the KH shape

It’s a matter of preference. I found that my feet hugged the inside of the pedals, suggesting that a narrower “Q” was right for me. Also, I am more straight-toed, even slightly pigeon-toed while riding. This works fine with narrower, straight cranks. If you have a wider foot placement or if you’re duck-footed, you might like the flaring, wider cranks. They will help you avoid stepping on the cranks with the back of your foot. Some riders say the wider cranks give them more control on technical stuff. After riding on Ventures (similar to VHX) cranks for a while, I switched back to my Spirits…and hated them.


The reason I asked which cranks you use now was as @elpuebloUNIdo mentioned whether or not you like the extra flair out is a matter of preference and your own personal anatomy. Hard to say if you would like something if we don’t know what you tried, and what you liked.

I’m pretty lucky and the combination that works best for me is the +12mm Q-factor of the KH cranks on a standard hub, which is also nearly identical to the +0 Q of the Nimbus cranks on a superwide, so I can comfortably ride either hub width. Many people are like @elpuebloUNIdo and prefer a narrower setup.

There used to be a school of thought (maybe there still is, but I no longer subscribe to it) that a wider stance is better for MUni and a narrower stance is better for riding on the road and spinning quickly. Sure the physics of it suggest that a wider stance can give you more rotational control, and a skinnier stance won’t deflect as much from pedal inputs, but If your cranks take your knees and hips out of alignment it more than nullifies those advantages in my opinion.


I had the same speculations; spirit vs VCX.
I would say VCX. They cost the same (even slightly cheaper) and you get an extra hole.
I have tried the Spirit cranks and I’m not sensitive to the curve they have - doesn’t make a difference to me.
One argument I can come up with is, the 100mm hole isn’t useful for muni’ing, so it’s just weaking the crank. But I think other things will break before the cranks do.