Nimbus Unicycle with KH T-Bar?

I have decided to buy a 36" Nimbus ‘Oracle’ Road Unicycle soon and I am currently looking for a handlebar setup. The KH T-Bar Touring handle seems like the best choice to me as it allows for angle and length adjustments. I am wondering however whether it will fit the standard Nimbus sadle, or if I will need to buy/adjust anything else to make it compatible with the Nimbus unicycle.

Does anyone have a setup with the Nimbus uni and the KH bar? I am interested to see a picture of it!

I don’t have a T-Bar but yes it will fit.

It will fit any Nimbus, KH, Velo, Qu-Ax, KOXX-1, or any other saddle with the standard front bolt pattern. (will not fit saddles based on old Miyata design)

You may want to also get the stiffening plate, or fabricate one of your own, It really does make a difference for saddle mounted handlebars.

No !
KH T-bar s only compatible with with base using bolts, not the old Velo base with nuts which was used by Koxx, QU-AX and old Nimbus and KH saddle
Nimbus Oracle is using the last base version so it’s compatible

oops, sorry, bouin-bouin is correct that you need the newer KH base (that Nimbus also uses) for it to fit the handle + stiffener plate without modification.

The T-bar would fit on the old saddles, but they aren’t stiff enough without a stiffener plate so aren’t recommended. If you were to add a stiffener plate you would also need longer bolts, or a conversion to captive T-nuts, this is not a particularly hard mod, but you would have to take the saddle apart to get into it’s guts. The Stiffener plate as sold also doesn’t fit the old saddles, you would have to make your own. So yup, I gave you bad advice, though it wouldn’t be terribly hard to make it work.

From KH’s website:
"Note: Compatible only with Nimbus Gel w/ KH Base, Kris Holm Fusion Slim, Street, Freeride, Kris Holm Fusion Zero and One Saddles. If you want to fit the T-Bar to a Nimbus Stadium saddle, you must also purchase the Impact Saddle Reinforcement Plate as well. "

All this is somewhat moot as it works on the saddle that comes with the unicycle you are ordering, but for anyone else looking at this thread for advice I thought I had better put in that correction.

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Note that the current KH handlebar kit comes with a stiffener plate and longer bolts (only suits saddles with captive nuts as mentioned above):

There’s a picture my 29" Oracle with a KH T-bar in the buy and sell.

I’m considering the Shadow handle as well, but I’m wondering whether it is too long so it has to be cut?

It’s personal preference, and you won’t know until you try it. It’s no big deal to cut down either the KH or the Shadow.

Whichever one you choose, don’t make any irreversible changes until you’re used to it.

FWIW I ran the Shadow bar on my 36er full length for two years before shortening it, which I now prefer.

Wait… What is an Impact Saddle reinforcement plate? Is this the same plate that comes with the handle? I used the KH one on my Stadium saddle and it worked fine :thinking:

KH plate:

Impact / DD plate:

At least the shape is different. Can´t judge if there is a difference in the drilling pattern.

Weird. I’ve never seen that Impact one, it does look a little slimmer though!

I do remember having to sort of jiggle it around to make the screw holes line up when I fitted mine, but it did go in and I didn’t break anything.