Nimbus Trials

I was wondering what people could tell me about this Nimbus uni

I kind of want an inexpensive trials uni, and I was wondering how strong this one would be.
I weigh about 125 lbs, and was wondering how this would be, since it seems to just have a standard hub.
Would that be too weak?

Thank you!

That is a bad uni man, it will break quickly if you ride it hard. Especially when your learning and land hard with bad form. Normally they have the nimbus isis unicycle which is cheaper and way better, like arguably better than a kh good. I would recommend that, but it seems they are off of the site, so either wait or I say the qu-ax if you can afford it.

Im not exactly “learning”…not new to the sport, and I had a KH trials before, but I traded it for a coker.

Do you know someplace else where I could find the Nimbus Isis trials?
thanks for the input, I was worried that it would be weak

and my limit is about $275-$300, so I could only get the cheapo Quax

Definitely go for the Nimbus ISIS Trials and upgrade the cranks to KH Moments. For me after shipping it came out to $325 which isn’t to bad since its supposed to be as strong as the KH Trials.

Only thing, I’ve never ordered from UDC before, if I emailed them, would they give me the same uni, but with the rounded crown instead?

The easiest way is to order over the phone.

That is about as much as a nimbus isis with kh cranks, I say get that if you can. It and the nimbus are about the same in quality, the nubbed cranks though. If you can get them removed then those are not a problem.

yea, thats a bit too much, unfortunatly

is the other quax any good (the crossfire or w/e it called)

you should realy spend abit more, after a KH most unis will
seem pretty heavy and weak:)

i cant spend more…VERY limited funds

Get the Nimbus Trials (if possible with the Moments)

You can upgrade it when you want (be prepared to upgrade the cranks pretty soon, cause the cranks are not that strong), the KH frame will also fit the Nimbus hub if you have the money later and want a lighter frame.

The Nimbus is a great unicycle to start with and has lots of upgrade possibilities.
The hub is a KH hub in black and equal strong (i have them both) the rim is one of the strongest out there.

i wanted the other nimbus trials but they were out. I got the street x and have the kh cranks and I enjoy it. That came out $330ish. or it would normally if I didn’t have to overnight parts for it. For straight up trials though the 137s have a bunch more torque than the 125s that I have on mine.

I emailed UDC and they said it should be back the 2nd or 3rd week of Feb.

in my opinion, go with the nimbus isis. you could probably preorder one from UDC. I have the nimbus isis and it’s a total beast. especially with the kh cranks.

I ordered my nimbus trials through a bike shop that was on the UDC dealer list and I got it a few weeks ago. So they can be found elsewhere.

my nimbus is amazing. i love it.

Isn’t this the Nimbus Trials w/ISIS some of you are talking about? It appears to be in stock right now.

why yes, yes indeed. its back on the shelves!!!

I’m looking for a good trials uni, but i’m kind of new at the knowing what’s good and all. Budget isn’t an issue for me either.
You all have mentioned and recommend:

Bearing those in mind, what do any of you recommend i get?

I’d go with the nimbus and put some moments on there but that’s just me and I don’t have any experience with the quax. the nimbus is a solid uni and the price is great. also more upgrade options with the nimbus, and lighter.