nimbus trials?

the nimbus trials uni rip off or bargin

I’ve had the nimbus trials for about 18 months now and I still haven’t broken it.

I’m not particularly light and I’m not particularly good but it works for me. If you are planning on doing huge drops then you might be better going for the Nimbus Hoppley as it is a bit stronger but I am really happy with my nimbus trials.



have the cranks bent on it ?


the cranks are still fine as is the hub


I bought the nimbus trials about june this year, it has held up to my punishment but the cranks are slightly askew from the hub. I have to admit i was a little careless on the drops i took it off but it has been great.
The frame i thought was a little bulky at first but it did take but not long to grow acoustom to it. All and all i would recomend it for someone who is just starting out in trials like riding but then again i have but nothing to compare it to. Go for it, i loved mine but am hanging out for a new one now. If you can afford it go for something like the new KH and such.

My friend have ha nimbus and hes crank and hub been bent on it realy fast. It can be if ju just drop 1m :o
I Prefer spline

splined for the win. :roll_eyes: nothing less than that or bad things happen :astonished:


id go for splines and i would get a different frame because it really sucks and hits your knee.

soz me noob

what is a splined mean

what colour can the frame bee

to tobboganist…how much was the nimbus

The Nimbus Trials from UDC UK is different from the UDC US. The UDC UK is stronger, the cranks are different (stronger).


Splines are used to help strengthen the area where the crank meets the hub.
If you get a frame from bedford it can be almost any color if you pay extra. If you get a KH 07 20" it has a blue frame and a ISIS splined hub. I recommend this because it is under $500 usd and it is really light.

i had the UK nimbus trials, and it held up all nice, untill i went to buc. Then the cranks turned to butter… it was hard to ride.

the nimbus hoppley is a bargain.

you cant get them in australia without paying heaps for shipping though.

if your willing to spend the money get one of the new 07 KH coz its a good investment

Price be about $330

timbob1907 is right though, the frame is bollocks and gives me itching bottom discomfort due to plain old frustration.

like pretty much everyone else in this thread has said: if you plan to jump around a bit then definately save up a bit more and get a splined axle. if you buy a cheap uni now and a new hub/crankset later then it will cost you heaps to rebuild the wheel.

in australia your options are really:
-kh (bombproof, light, expensive)
-onza (bombproof, not quite as light but still pretty good, still pretty expensive - plus theframe is anoying)
-qu-ax (very strong uni, reasonably heavy, not as expensive as the 2 above)
-torker dx (reasonably strong, pretty heavy, very cheap even though you have to ship from the states)

i recomend the qu-ax. it will last you ages and is damn strong. if you want to spend the extra money then get the kh though because it is lighter and stronger. and it looks sexy.


nah uh you also have the choice of a

GP20-the inbertween of the Qu-ax and the onza

i just won the new 07 kh 20". it kicks ass. highly reccomend it. it is a bit x-spencive to buy tho.