nimbus trials unicycle, any good?

hey everybody

i have been riding for a while now and have managed to peursuade some of my friends to start up as i am the only rider in my area.

my friend recently told me he was getting the 2005 nimbus trials unicycle and i was wondering if it was any good(bearing in mind that is quite cheap).

if anyone has a expirience in either riding or just knowledge of these unicycles, please feel free to reply and share your thoughts.



YES! I’ve had my Nimbus trials since September when they updated it. I’ve had no major problems, its easy to ride, very light for hopping and its KH seat is soooo comfy. Its great looking too.

The only problem I’ve had was when I was hopping around too much with the seat bolts loose and one of them sheared off. This is only my fault though, not the uni’s and I’m sure your friend won’t make the same mistake. Its a great buy as long as your friend isn’t planning on dropping from too high as it isn’t splined.


Yeah i’ve ridden a couple of them, great for getting in to trials but i had the same hub/cranks on my Muni and within a year tore one end off the hub even though i never did anything above 2 foot drops, although that may have been more due to my poor technique and the fact that i weigh 13 stone. Basicaly it performs fine aslong as you accept that if you keep going with trials one day you’re going to break it and have to upgrade the hub or get a new uni.


edit: just realised that the '05 has the better UDC Wide CrMo hub, but i should imagine that the same happens, it just takes longer

thanks for the replys

I’m selling my Summit Trials for $300, It is muuuuuuuuuch better than the Nimbus and has a splined hub and Magura brakes. I’ll be posting pics this afternoon (after I get off work) in a “for sale” thread. This uni is in perfect condition, as you’ll be able to see once I post the pics

Sorry but i’ve always wanted to ask this, why on earth do you put brakes on a trials uni? Surely they just make the thing heavier and more expensive, thus decreasing its suitablity for trials riding? Unless you use it for Muni aswell of course.


Mine was one of the few Summits that I’ve seen that came from the factory with brake mounts. It had the Magura’s on it when I purchased it. The brakes add very little weight.
As for the usefulness of brakes on a trials uni, they come in handy when mounting the uni on skinnies. They’re also quite useful when doing multiple hops, such as hopping up a flight of stairs.