Nimbus titanium frame

I’ve got a mate who might sell his nimbus trials 20" titanium frame, anyone keen? bought at unicon, so only a few months old

I could be very interested

price and location?

Picture would be nice aswell.

Thanks mate

i bet the location is NZ…

also interested

hi, yea we’re in NZ.

Probly looking for $800nz ono, but will see…sells for $1200 on

Will take some pics tomorrow and put them up then. Thanks

why is he selling it???

gettin a coker haha :stuck_out_tongue: gunna be awesome!

here are some photos, sorry they arnt very good quality were taken on a phone

lol looks sweet. I wouldn’t mind it but can’t afford it. saving for Ti hub. have you posted on NZ fourms

mmmm ti hub would be sweet :smiley: woa i completly forgot haha i’ll do it now

woah?? what are those…two wheel things in the background? they’re disgusting…

one of those two wheeled things is yours

anyone interested?

still interested… got to let some funds build for another 2 weeks or so

sweet as if this thread is like dead pm me…

yo so…bump!