Nimbus Stadium saddle

Lightly used current generation Nimbus Stadium saddle for sale. It’s got some scratches on front and rear bumpers but functions perfectly.

UDC sells $65 + shipping. I am asking $45 + shipping or pick up in Santa Clara, California

You didn’t like it?

Yes, but not as much as the previous generation Impact Naomi saddle, which I am used to. The stadium is flatter and significantly stronger, though.

how much better would this seat be than a stock seat on a Torker LX
I am thinking I am ready to get a more comfortable seat
but have no clue about seats

I learned on a Torker LX and hated the saddle. I ended up with an impact Naomi, which I love, but I’ve also owned a couple of these saddles and can confirm that it’s a huge upgrade. I run one on my 26" muni, and it is quite nice for those longer bumpier rides.


PM sent.

Posting here as well, in case you get email notification on thread replies(?).