Nimbus "Stadium" Saddle video review

Here’s my new Nimbus Product review for the “Stadium” Saddle. Think I covered every aspect. let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

" Re-designed from the bottom up"
I see what you did there Mr P :smiley:

Great video, Thank you :slight_smile:

I quite like my Naomi saddle for being flat-but-not-too-flat, but I imagine that cutaway and thicker foam makes for an even better ride! Any idea on pricing? :smiley:

By comparison, the Naomi has quite a bit more curve than the Stadium. I do like the thinness of the Naomi.


When will the Stadium Saddle be available?

From what I’ve heard, they should be arriving at UDC in the next shipment, in early August.

Thanks! I can’t wait! I really like my Zero, but before that I rode a Nimbus Flat Saddle and loved it except for the width.

Huh, the Naomi feels a hell of a lot flatter than my other saddles. Now I’m a bit worried the Stadium will be too flat, like the Fusion Zero!

Still tempted though. I’ll see how much they are when they come in on UDC UK :smiley:

No its not too flat, stadium feels like a half flattened Naomi which is about as comfortable as you can get…

As to how much they will cost, if I remember correctly even the bottom end ones are going to use a similar plastic to the KH zero. However cost is about what the market will bear rather than the production cost, so I would expect it to be in a similar price band to standard KH saddles (roughly £30-40).

The base mould is the important ridiculously expensive bit of the saddle and the foam comes after. If the Stadium is successful, we will see more variants to suit different ride styles and price brackets. Unless there is mass dislike or a major issue, I would expect to see this saddle and its variants become stock on all UDC and Nimbus unicycles reducing the per unit R+D cost by selling in bulk rather than as an upgrade.

Thanks for the review,Terry.
Q: how would you compare the “relief channel” on the Stadium to the KH seat in terms of width and depth?

Does it have the same bolt pattern as the KH saddle? In other words: will it fit a KH T-Bar or brake holder?

The channel is there, but I’m not sure how effective it is on either saddle.

Yes, same bolt pattern.

The channel is there, but I’m not sure how effective it is on either saddle.

Yes, I agree, but not quite what I was asking…

I ordered one yesterday, at Municycle Germany.
I will review it soon, and compare it against the Zero and the flattened fusion freeride.

Hey Terry, wondering if you’re planning on getting the Fusion One saddle as well. I snagged one when they went up, but didn’t grab the new nimbus one for comparison. I plan on doing a write up of the zero vs the one, but would be interested to hear how the new nimbus saddle compares to those.

Hey Terry, did you perchance try any seat-out riding with the Stadium? If so, is it an easier transition than the older style saddles, or about the same? I’ve got one ordered, so I’ll know soon enough, but It’s good to get more perspective.

Didn’t try seat out but I would imagine it’s easier to get it out front (or “sib”) since there’s less curve.

Terry, will this saddle replace the one you’re using for road rides?

We have a winner!

I rode with the Nimbus Stadium today, some road and xc on my 26" guni.
The saddle is very comfortable, it is the only saddle that I do not experience numbness on. It is better then my fusion zero (a bit hard on the sitbones) and my flattened fusion freeride (too soft).

The Stadium is quite firm, a little softer then the fusion zero. Just good enough for my sitbones.
But most important for me: no numbness anymore, which was a big problem with all my other saddles including the zero and freeride.
The shape and the relieve channel work for me.

Also the Stadium is narrow in the middle and front, which improves pedaling, and reduces shaffing.
I tilted the nose up, so I slide to the wider part of the saddle.

Very happy with it:)

I have been riding the Stadium for a week now. It has a small sweet spot where its comfortable and adjusting the saddle angle is more critical than on a regular seat. Also the sweet spot is much smaller than a regular seat and you have to learn to stay in it. Riding on smooth pavement it’s not an issue but for muni, I kept falling out of the sweet spot and had to waste energy getting back to the correct position. I can see why a lot of reviewers said that you need a T-bar handle with the flat type seats for muni.

You really need padded riding shorts with this seat as it’s very firm. I think it’s a great seat for street riding where it’s easy to stay in the correct position. For muni, I prefer the old technology seats. With a T-bar on a muni, it’s probably just fine.

The seat is really well made and stiff. My only knock on it was that the steel in the allen bolts which hold it to the seat post was a little soft and you could round the heads out if you adjust the saddle a lot.