Nimbus Shadow Handle set

I am selling a Nimbus Shadow Handle set for $80!!

The set includes:
-Nimbus Shadow handle base
-Nimbus Shadow T-handle - bent
-Nimbus Shadow T-handle - straight
-Nimbus Shadow Handle Clamp (x2)
-Nimbus Shadow Bar Ends (pair)
-Nimbus Pivotal seat post I cut it to the length of 14 cm or 5.5 inches
(Everything that originally came in the set is included.)

I am selling this because I prefer to ride without it! Just my personal preference :slight_smile: It would be great for anyone who is looking for one at a cheaper price than it’s $120 online price tag.

I live in New York, so I would charge for shipping and the cost of this Nimbus Shadow Handle set!

Please feel free to email with any questions or to let me know that you are interested:


I emailed you at gmail.

Ready to transact.