Nimbus quick release seat post clamp

Are these easy and quick to use? Do they hold the seat post in place as good as the KH dual bolt in seat post clamp?

Yes, it’s quick and easy to use
No, a quick release will not be as good as a bolt clamp

I’ve found that they don’t hold the seatpost as well as an actual Allen key clamp, but it’s really nice for anything where you consistently adjust the seat, for example, multiple hole cranks. I have it on my 36er and it’s worked just fine, but i did not like it for MUni (the idea is that the seat moves in a crash, and I fall a lot). If it doesn’t work for you, then just close the clamps first, and then tighten the bolts with an Allen key.

As a general rule, a quick release will not be as secure as an Allen bolt clamp. You buy a quick release because you want to release quickly, not because it is more secure.

I have this particular clamp on one of my unis. It does the job OK. Problem with all quick releases is that if you tighten it enough to stop the seat twisting in a hard UPD, operating the quick release mechanism can be hard work.

It holds the seat strong enough for me. I like to have my seat rotate a bit on hard crashes, since there is a brake lever mounted to it, and I’d rather have my seat rotate than it break.

I hardly ever use the quick release mechanism though, but it works okay, if you really want to change seat height often, it’s a really good product, but if you are mostly riding the same height, just get a KH Dual bolt or similar.

I don’t use the clamps, but always have an Allen key in my backpack, so just unloosen the bolts. The bolts aren’t very strong though, in that I have to make sure the allen key is all the way in before fastening it. When the clamp is fastened through the keys, it is near impossible to unclamp it.

I use this on all my munis and very happy with it…haven’t gotten any slippage at all…clamps well, and quick release works great…

If the adjustable clamp is stock, then use that one until it wears out. Then get a regular one. The quality of the hex bolts on the adjustable clamps is lower than on the fixed model. I ended up stripping the bolts of my adjustable clamp. The best solution, imho, is to carry a 5mm wrench in your pocket. I would warn against making constant adjustments to your seat post. Maybe at the beginning, when you’re setting things up, it’s okay. But, it’s good to ride for more than a little bit at a particular height, then evaluate how things are working. Maybe if you’re sharing a unicycle, that would warrant having an adjustable clamp, but other than that, I’m not a huge fan of the adjustable clamps.

I have found when i drop my 36" the seat almost always moves with the quick release clamp. I tried to tighten it by using allan keys and ended up over tightening it and ruining the bolts. so have just ordered the normal none quick release ones from UDC. I use these on my 27,5 Muni and never have a problem

i see a difference of opinions here. I was considering getting it for my KH20, but will stick with that one for now. Thanks for the feedback.

I have quick release on all but one, and I just got the double quick clamp to eliminate that one… But I’m not unto Muni yet.

Today was the first time I used one. I didn’t check the tightness at first, but turned quickly around back into the house since the saddle didn’t stay straight. I found that once I opened the clamp completely horizontal and parallel, and tightened the bolts with an allen key, it was just the right amount of tightness. I had a couple UPDs, of course, and it stayed tight and I would especially get one for any unis with two-holed cranks, as AJ had mentioned.
Although since you need a tool to replace the pedals, it is not necessarily all that much more convenient.

My Oracle 26 came with one of these, and I liked it enough that I bought one for my 20" Nimbus Trials as well. My daughters also dabble a bit with the 20, so it means not having to find an allen key when they want to ride. To keep things from rotating, especially with bars on my 26 (added twisting leverage during an UPD) I have to run the clamps fairly tight. Neither of my kids can undo them, but its not a big problem for me without tools.

I’d stick with carrying an allen key with you. If you’re going to be doing tricks/trials then at the very least you’ll want to keep a spare tube, pump and allen keys with you to fix any flats.

I have to lower the seat on my 26-er to get it in the trunk of my car. The quick-release makes it easy, and I’ve never had a movement problem.

They are definitely a personal preference thing. Apparently some riders really like them.

Personally I don’t like them. I found that it took more time and effort to adjust a seatpost with one of these clamps properly than to get an allen key out and do a standard double bolt clamp.

The one big thing these clamps have going for them is that while the back of the bolt is hex, they are still tool-less. While you can brute force and ignorance a twisted saddle back to straight, it’s far easier to be able to loosen the clamp and do it properly.

That is what I was thinking about the quick release clamp. Given the difference in opinions on the product, it seems that one should try it themselves to see whether they like it or not.

I think a lot of unicycling is like this thread.

Sure, you think you’re learning something by talking about it but it all goes back to putting in your time in the saddle to learn what really works for you.

Then again, some people are happy to just talk. That’s OK too, that’s why we’re all here. Information sharing.

I say ride.
Not a little, a lot.
Make excuses to go riding, not to avoid it.

I love my double clamps!:smile: