nimbus phantom

Hi im shane and ive just resently got a nimbus phantom because a friend said it is a good uni.
Ive been riding for a month and i can do crank stolls and things.
And i want to know what you people think of that uni and some help or tips

it’s fine change the cranks to kris holm moments and you have a really nice budget uni.

I also bought a nimbus phantom a month ago and Im really happy with it, but I changed the cranks to kris holm 137 momments

jesus how many unicycles did you buy? so you know have an alien backflip, a phantom and a kh08 longneck?

I hope you’re the same with women :wink:

crazy stuff

I like it and I’d get some Moments like their saying.

I wouldn’t get moments like everyone else is saying.

Unless you think you need them. You probably don’t, just yet. They might be a good upgrade for eventually, but… no rush. You’ve only been riding a month. Keep riding, the unicycle you have is fine. Just have fun with it.

That’s not Pedro.

This is Pedro who has a alien backflip and the kh08 and I have the nimbus phantom with 137 momments.
Maybe you got confused because we use the same picture.

but he just said he was. dammit this is confusing. who is pedro on these forums?

I am Pedro…

So is my wife.

I am guilherme see my user
When I said this is pedro I was refering to the one who brendan talked about
So I am guilherme a friend of pedro and pedro is pedro and his username is pedrotejada

whe4re did you get it

You can get them at UDC.