Nimbus pedals - removable pins

Hi all, I didn’t realise until looking at the bumf on the Nimbus website that their pedals have 16 removable pins. As such I decided to try and remove them on my pedals as I prefer riding without the spikes at the moment.
I eventually managed to get them all out using a combination of a precision adjustable spanner and maul grips on a couple of stubborn ones. I wanted to use a socket but a 5mm is too small and a 6mm is a tad too big.

Since Nimbus advertise these as removable, is there a specific tool designed to remove them or is it some special imperial(?) size socket that is needed?


Could be 7/32"

Well I was kind of curious so I went and looked at a Nimbus pedal I had lying about. So it is 6mm on this pedal at least. I tried various other sockets to see what fitted best – 5.5mm, and 7/32 are too small, 4BA is slacker than the 6mm. The pin measures just under 6mm A/F:

A 6mm was no good on mine, just started to slip. I do have other 6mm sockets that seem to be to different tolerances, none of them work.
Random how they advertise this as a feature but it’s not straight forward to remove.

They’re pretty shallow nuts, which some sockets don’t grip well. Maybe it’s that?

Another thought - are your sockets 6 or 12 point?

If you think the pins are too aggressive, one option is to file the edges of the pins until they are more dome-like.

6 point

Get a set of odessy pedals, they are the same sizes and profile as your nimbus pedals , they have plastic cleats that are less aggressive and easier to change your foot position. Available for less than $20. Now all things are relevant to the type of riding you are doing. I have switched to the odessy pedals on all of my unicycles to maintain consistency and a familiar feel when landing my footing during free mounts. The nimbus had a bit more grip than I felt comfortable with, I found it difficult to adjust my footing and suffered a few nasty pedal strikes. The odessy are not top of the line pedals but are sufficient for the type of riding I do which is asphalt, pact limestone and dirt, no hardcore muni or trials. Now they still have cleats and a pedal strike will not be painless. You may also want to think about some shin protection.