Nimbus Oregon vs Nimbus 32" wheelset

I’m a long time member but haven’t been riding or posting here is quite some time. But, I’m looking to get back into it as I’ve moved into a more unicycle friendly area.

I have an old Nimbus Oregon and I’m looking to try a different (larger) wheelset. I’m running the standard Surly Large Marge with 26" Surly Nate at the moment. However, I thought I recall, several years ago, somebody was able to fit a 32" wheelset into that frame? Has anybody tried this? At the very least, could anybody share what the effective inflated Nimbus 32" tire diameter is so I can measure for myself to see if this is possible? Thanks and it’s great to be back!


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While not exactly what you are looking for, I am running a surly knard 29x3 in my Oregon. I have a bit of room to spare. It’s big and fun. (Also a long time lurker just getting back to riding on 1 wheel again) good luck!

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It has a radius of about 16.25 - 16.5" (the rule in the photo is at a bit of an angle). This is my 32" Oracle.

I don’t know how the Oregon frame compares for size with the Hatchet, but this thread shows that the 32" wheel won’t fit in the Hatchet frame (same wheel as the photo above).

Hope this helps.

Yeah, got a measurement of my Oregon. Looks like 15.5 inches is maximum clearance. So perhaps I can go for a big 29er wheelset. Thanks!