Nimbus Oregon Review!

mega n00b question - is it as good to learn on this as any other?
I stumbled on the Nimbus Oregon because the tyres are like the 4" on my fat sand bike. I have a fat fetish (pic of it next to my 20x3" DX32 commuter e-bike), so if I could begin on this, it would be like having a Lamborghini Diablo Countach poster and then hopping in one to learn with… or a poster of Cindy Crawford and her being your first girlfriend… but with unicycles. I’m sure the Large Marge wouldn’t make her bum look big when unicycling.

No, the Oregon is a harder unicycle to ride than a “normal” uni.

Start with an inexpensive learner (24-26"), if you don’t like it then you’re only out $50-75, but if you do like it then spend the extra to get a good uni.

oregon vs 26/29 kh

hey there, i’ve been riding since '78, mostly just my old 24" schwinn that i got in 78.
anyway, i’ve been taking it on trails, but the tyre is too smoth for the terrain. you can’t get a off road that fits, so i’m looking to change.
i really like riding on a 29, but i’m pretty much into the oregon, with the fat surly.
i don’t want to get both, well, not at this moment.
i love the complete insanity of the oregon & the fact that it’s so different, but, can it be ridden as often & as easily as a kh 26 or 29"?
there, that is my question to you, sorry it took soooo long to get there.
i’d appreciate anyone elses input who reads this as well, nurse ben?
i’m 48, 5’10" slight build, (sorry, this info isn’t for dating) i’m in UK where these are much more money.

If I were you I’d get a (new for June 2012) KH29 frame (external disc brake mount) with Kris’ new Spirit cranks. Heck, I might have just talked myself into one.

I think any Oregon owner would agree its a speciality unicycle not intended to be ridden as often & easily as a KH26 or KH29. Fine if you are rounding out your quiver, but not as your primary ride. That being said I’d love to have one. My brief experience with a 3" Duro showed me fat tires can be great fun.

What David said is true, BUT, there is a way to have your cake and eat it too; actually two ways:

  1. get an Oregon, then pick up a Duro 3", that way you can have a big fatty or a normal muni tire
  2. get an Oregon, have a second wheel built with a 29" rim, then you have even more flexibility to run tall, fat, or super fat

Rumor has it that there is a 29 x 3" coming down the pike. If this plays out, then the Oregon is going to be one of the only uni frames that is both tall enough and wide enough for that tire.

Given all that, I ride a 29er most of the time and it is awesome! My Oregon gets “special” use for snow and mud, and some big DH, but really the 29er is better for most trail riding because it is fast, light, and there are tons of tire choices.

If you’re going to be on firm soil, gravel, or asphalt, you don’t want the Oregon with a 4" tire.

If you ride a lot of smooth single track and double track, the 29er is all you need, for all but the gnarliest DH.

In the UK are Nimbus unis a better buy than KH?

There is a new 29er coming in the Fall/Winter, the Nimbus Oracle 29, it is a possible fit for your needs and may even get designed big enough for the 29 x 3…

This is what I am planning to do:

  1. get an Oregon, have a second wheel built with a 29" rim, then you have even more flexibility to run tall, fat, or super fat

I really enjoyed making the review video, and came to appreciate the unique riding experience of the Oregon, with the 3.8 Larry tire. (It is now spec’d with the Surly Nate). I found that although it doesn’t “track” as easily as a 3.0 or narrower tire, it does absorb everything in its path.

I also loved the cushy feel and its ability to gobble up huge drops thanks to not just the super high volume Larry, but the 65mm LM rim that gives it superior support. And the diameter of the Oregon’s wheelset is just about that of a 29er, so it also has better speed potential than a standard 26er. And In a later video I also rode the Oregon UP stairs with amazing ease-at least the first 5 or 6!

to orego-on or not?

hey, thanks for all your replies, really great words, tho’ i’m none the wiser. a 29er sounds the logical & practical choice. but that has never been my thing. i’ll give it some more thought. being the UK, it does get pretty wet here.

UK uni’s

@ nurse ben, the KH & nimbus are both around the same price over here, the oregon is £550. if that makes any sense to you? the KH 29er is slightly less. again thanks

While I don’t ride my Oregon as often as my other unis, namely my G26er, it’s still fun to ride for shorter MUni rides.





Babypowder does it!!!

I think i’ve found a “bugfix” for that “self-steer” problem.
My setup is a triton frame, and surlys large marge with the nate tire.
The nate is already better to control than the other two surly tires.
But the lower the pressure the harder it is to control on casing tracks - you all know the story.
Caused by another problem i was looking for something to keep the tube from sticking to the tire.
I used babypowder (Talkum!) - and lots if it. (That muny now smels like … somehow pink :thinking: :roll_eyes: )
On the next ride i got a flat tire - slowly loosing the pressure.
I was riding back to my car on a nearly flat tire and there was - to my suprise - verry little of that self steering.
I fixed it - new tube inside - again lots of babypowder and tried it at 1bar/14.5psi. No self steering anymore or at least no more than with a 3" Gazz.
It’s the first time i can use that “fat tire low pressure comfort” no matter what track conditions.

If you want a less expensive and lighter tube, just use a standard 26" heavy duty tube, like the Maxxis Freeride, it’ll save you 200gm and it is less expensive while still being at least as burly as the Surly tube. I also drilled out my rim to run Shraeders as the valves are more durable.

Autosteer is worse depending on tire design, the outtie “chevrons” are the worst, the knobbies like the Nate are a bit better, but the recessed patterns like the Devist8er have the least amount of autosteer. Tire pressure does matter too, but generally optimal pressure depends on rider weight, conditions, and air temp. I’m 200#, run pressures as low as 8psi and as high as 14 psi, any higher than that and the tire tends to bounce when riding fast.

Take care with talcum, it’ll pick up moisture and cake in your tire. Best bet is to run a skinnier tube like I suggested or get some bike specific powder.

For the Summer I am using the Oregon with an Intense DH 2.5, works great, has a very flat profile due to the extra wide rim, no autosteer so riding firm ground is more fun.

I’ve already tried skinnier tubes. 2,5" and actually 3" (Schwalbe).
But it never made any difference (at least to me) in the riding conditions.
I’m 163# and i will not go under 14.5psi cause of the “bouncing” while fast riding.
I’m realy stunned by the effect of that powder thing.
I wonder if anybody else can try - just to dubblecheck.

I use a dry lube spray on my tires and it works great. Check the label though, and make sure it is ok for rubber. I use McLube which is actually a “mold release”. I use in in my piano business.

KH 29er

hey there, well i’ve got my 29er, i got a deal on the 2011, non disc version.
it’s awesome. thanks to @nurseben & @muniaddict & everyone else for your help & suggestions.
it’s all pretty standard right now, but i’m thinking already of the geared hub.
& also, in a couple of months i’ll probably get the oregon.
yo ho way to go uni.

If you want a used Oregon I’m willing to sell mine. You could check it out @ Unicon in case you’re going.

why you selling it?

It isn’t better than my G26 in most conditions and one of the main reasons I got it was for the disc brake, which I can now have on the G26 with KH Spirits available. I also don’t like the Larry that much, so… It is a very cool uni though, and it looks absolutely badass! But I’ll sell it and move on to KH Spirits.


hey there, i’m not sure of the dates for this, i’ll look it up. but at the moment i can’t imagine i’ll be going.
how much do you want for your oregon, maybe we could ship it from germany to england?
let me know, & thanks.

Rather than make a new “ride & review” thread, I’ll just post them here.

This is a new ride & review I did for the Nimbus Oracle. :smiley:

Don’t sell your Oregon quite yet! There’s a new tire in town, big and bad, 29 x 3", they call it the Knard :astonished:

It only fits one production frame, you guessed right, The Oregon :smiley:

Thank You Surly!