Nimbus Oregon Brake Handle

Hello all,

I just got myself a Nimbus Oregon and have it mostly set up. I took it for a little test cruise last night and it was very fun :). However, I’m having some problems with the brake handle. It just won’t fit on the underseat mount. There is not enough clearance between the saddle and the mounting “rod” for the lever to fit there. I was thinking of putting some washers between the grab handle and the mounting rod to increase the space a bit.

Is this a problem anyone else had? Any more elegant solutions?


YUp I had to do the same on my KH29 as the Shimano SLX brake lever I have has the bar clamp bolt at the back so there is not enough room.

I used 3 washers on the two rear bolts between the lever mounting plate and the handle to make enough room.

If the brake came with the Oregon I am surprised it doesn’t fit though?

I believe it doesn’t fit because it was made for the Nimbus seat, but I replaced the seat with a Kris Holm freeride. So the washer fix will hold up over time?

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Hey, I found some washers and put them on and it is great :). Works like a charm. I took the Oregon out for a quick pre-thanksgiving dinner ride, and had lots of fun :slight_smile:

That would explain it. I have a carbon fiber base on an Impact saddle so there is no room for the lever and the washers have held up fine for 6 months+

Glad you’re enjoying the Oregon they look awesome Unis and I would love to give one a go one day

The Nimbus seat uses a KH seat base, so I wouldn’t think the change would make a difference? :thinking:
Anyhow, washers is what I would do.