Nimbus Oregon 29" Plus Mountain Unicycle

I have been using my KH 29 for muni lately, a jump from riding the oracle 24, for sure. The thing is; I’m liking the 29 quite a bit, although I still require much practice to make obstacle negotiations easier.

Has anyone had a chance to try the Oregon 29 plus? It seems to be the same frame as the 26, but with the surly knard 29" x 3.0" with rabbit hole rim attached.

I’m really tempted…


Yes, I have been riding a Knard on my Oregon since it was released in the Spring.

The Knard is a very large diameter tire, so it’s more than just extra volume, it’s “taller gearing”. When you combine the weight, volume, and height, the Knard is a huge tire. I believe it’s ~1.5-2" taller than an Ardent 29 x 2.4

I recently traded away my Oregon, so my Knard is now mounted on my Oracle 29.

I find the Knard to be a nice cushy ride, but due to it’s large diameter, it requires more effort to roll down the trail compared to a standard 29 x 2.4 Ardent or Hans Damph.

Sadly the Ardent will not fit on your KH 29; it barely fits on the Oracle 29, however, if you can wait a few months you will be able to get the Surly Dirt Wizard 26 x 3" which will be just as fat as the Knard but without the huge diameter.

The Dirt Wizard will be in between the size of the Duro 26 x 3" and the size of the Ardent/Hans Dampf 29 x 2.4"

Did you ride the Oregon 26 with the 4" tire by any chance? If so, how does the 29" model differ in terms of comfort, ease of pedalling, etc?


I wrote reviews of all my Oregon experiences, take a look and see what you think, much of my opinion has changed as my skills have improved and the equipment has evolved.

I purchased the Oregon when it was first released, I had the earliest model with a disc brake tab welded to the frame, it rode on a wire bead Larry 26 x 4". It was a beast, but it was fun, my son and I switched off riding it. At that time I was coming from a 29er (Racing Ralph?).

At the same time I was riding the Oregon I started riding a 29er, so I would switch between the two. My preference for the Oregon was due more to the supportive tire and disc brake than the actual width; the width is only a benefit in snow and some dirt surfaces. In the 29er tires at that time, there was nothing good, even the Ardent hadn’t been released yet, so a tall and fat 26er tire was a good compromise.

As the tires improved for 29ers, I spent more time on a 29er and my son mainly rode the Oregon, this was especially true when the Ardent came out, followed by the Hans Dampf. I went back to the Oregon as my primary muni when I built a second wheel (29") in anticipation of the Knard being released.

Bottom line: The Oregon is heavy and with big tires (4" or 3") it will slow you down, increasing the amount of work you do while riding. You should be asking yourself whether the costs (weight, bulk) of the bigger uni and tire are worth the benefits.

If I were a younger man…

Sorry, I didn’t do a good job of answering your question :roll_eyes:

The 26 x 4" is easier to ride over obstacles and up and down steep/technical hills.
The 29 x 3" is easier to ride on flowing terrain and over distances.

A 26 x 3" Duro is easier to ride than a 26 x 4" in all ways other than in snow and for the cushiness factor.

A 29 x 2.4 Hans Dampf is a better all around tire than the Knard and it’s easier to ride up and down tech stuff.

Both tires have autosteer issues (a mind of their own), but the 4" tire is the worse. I find that a narrower rim makes the Knard more manageable, but it’s still a very tall tire for tech muni, which is why I am looking forward to the smaller sibling (Dirt Wizard).

Well, I guess I’ll find out for myself, since I have that big 29 coming.

Why do I feel like an addict?


Because you are? :roll_eyes:

So in the two hours since your last post, you went ahead and bought one?

Yup, total addict :wink:

When you get the 29+ uni, I’d be curious to know which tire they are shipping, 27tpi or 120tpi, also how they are handling the crank/bearing spacers.

I believe the 27tpi is the one coming with it.


They were smart not to go wider than a 3.0 on the 29er, but I’m not sure they even make anything wider for a 29er. IMO the 3.0 is the ideal max width for MUni as it is much more responsive to rider input than a 3.8 for example, which has the tendency to “self-steer”.

i have done a few rides on my new (bens old) oregon and it does not self steer to bad for me, i do like the extra traction in the mud and wet that we have here and i love the wider stance.

Which tire do you have on it?


One ride with Larry, and devist8er

I’m also considering the Oregon 29. I am curious about the narrowest width tire that someone has mounted on the rabbit hole? In case I ever want to ride on the road, the idea of pushing the Kanard around seems to much like work.

It would hold a 2.2 I think

A smaller tire would fit, maybe down to a 2.0, though the sidewalls would be vertical and the tread would be really flat.

You may be asking the wrong question, ie why would you buy a unicycle that has the capacity for a 5" tire so that you can run a 2’ tire…

The Oregon is designed for fat tires, if you’re considering running anything narrower than a 3" tire, you should get a smaller uni; Oracle 29 or similar.

I sold my Oregon to Wes because I wasn’t riding fat any more.

I still have a Knard 29 x 3, I run it on a 35mm rim in my Oracle, works fine.

The delivery is scheduled for sometime today - I can hardly wait…


@ Gathan:

Did you get the 29" or 26"?

I got the 29. Reason being; I’ve been using my kh 29 quite a bit’s been challenging, but I seem to be getting better every time I go out. I’m also getting more confident in technical sections of the trails, although I did have a nasty spill this past Saturday that gave me a bruised quadricep muscle and sprained big toe. Oh well, it’s part of the learning curve I guess.

I find myself not wanting to do much with my 24 oracle these days.I think it resents it.


Consider building up a 26" wheel for the Oregon so you can run a 3" tire like the Duro or the soon to be released Surly Dirt Wizard. The 26" rim doesn’t need to be 65mm wide, even a 4" tire will run fine on a 50mm rim.

I do find that fat rims make tires more sluggish and prone to autosteer…

Sluggish they are auto steer yes, but so nice in the sloppy stuff