Nimbus Oracle 29er Frame Width Issue

Hi Folks,

I’ve been riding for 3 months now. I’m starting to up my mileage now. I’m doing 3 -5 mile rides 5 times a week fairly comfortably. I will increase this as I get fitter and more able to cope with the uni.

My riding is smooth pavement, road and a bit of light off road. Tyre width max will be about 2.4" or below.

The issue that I am having is that the Oracle frame touches my calves where it bulges at the top as I pedal. I’m finding this irritating. I’m reasonably tall and haven’t got massive calves. Am I doing something wrong? Is this normal? I have been thinking of buying a KH frame as it should be somewhat narrower.

Any thoughts or words of wisdom?

Hi there

Not sure why would that be unless your legs are quite tall and wide/chunky perhaps? I haven’t got any 29er so couldn’t comment on that particular unicycle frame.

I am 1.73 cm tall and my legs are on the skinny side. I’ve got the Oracle 36 and it doesn’t rub my legs when riding. The only time I get some rubbing on my legs is when I’m wearing the KH Shin/knee pads when doing Muni with my KH 26 but I don’t really notice it (I only know that some rubbing is happening because the paint is coming off the frame).

I’m no expert but as the KH 29er frame can fit the 3’ Knard tyre I would guess that it is not any narrower than the Oracle frame?.

Hopefully someone with the same issue might be able to answer your question…


It sounds like a riding style issue, but I don’t know how to correct it except to be mindful of it and try outboarding your feet slightly on your pedals or actively trying to keep your knees away from the frame. Possibly a set of cranks that bow outward a bit (“Q factor”) could help? I think some of the KH dual-hole cranks offer this.

Something else to consider: I believe the Hatchet frames are designed to eliminate this problem while being able to run fairly wide tires?

I have the Nimbus Oracle 29", which I like very much. I don’t have the prob of my calves touching the frame or cranks. Try placing your feet wider apart?

As for the hatchet. It has a very very fat tire. There my legs rub on the wheel sometimes. I’m 1.86m (~6.2ft)

Impressive! and you can still ride a Unicycle? :smiley:

I think he meant 1.73 microns tall.

I have both of these unis and my KH armour has polished the paint off my Oracle and is well on it’s way with the KH.
Like Moslki though, I don’t notice the rubbing one bit.

I think these two frames are very close in width.

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the replies. One of my concerns was that if I bought KH armor, it would rub the frame a fair bit.

I think I need to work on my riding style / foot position over the next few weeks, to see if I can sort this out.

:roll_eyes: :smiley:

Hatchet is the answer. The frame is behind your leg, so you get minimal, if any, rub on the frame.

(more coming in two weeks time).

I am loving my hatchet 29".



I have a similar situation when I am doing some DH riding where I have the side of my calves rubbing either the tire or the frame when I am most concentrated on technical areas.
I usually do not notice it but it rubs enough to create a bald area on my leg and if I am wearing shorts, I even managed to have a black-n-blue !

When I tried to understand the phenomenon while riding on flat ground, I realized that I was riding with the knees tight (almost touching) and it was putting this part of my leg on a collision course with the frame or the fat tire (even with Spirit cranks and duck feet).

So, my advice is: relax, focus on your posture and if you notice a rub, try to keep your knees separated (the banana shape of the saddle or the handlebar will be sufficient).

Who needs those hairs anyways…

You should add this to the thread “You know you’re a unicyclist when…”. You know you're a unicyclist when...

-You know you’re a unicyclist when your calves have gone bald. :slight_smile:

Edit: Gizmoduck already posted this: *You shins and calves are made up of scar tissue

Hi! You might want to try a set of pedal extenders. They probably cost ~$20 a set at your LBS unless you can find some used somewhere, or online cheap. Just be sure to get 9/16" to 9/16" ones, as anything 1/2" won’t fit. They will set your feet outward a bit, but might solve your problem (cheaper than buying a new uni or new cranks anyways!)

or just cutting away the meat off your calves, so you have more space :smiley:

Was about to give the same advice : pedal extenders.
I have two pairs of them, use one pair on one of my 36ers, not for the same reasons but it works great and brings a bit more control.
Definitely the cheapest solution to your issue.

They exists in different length.
I have one pair of 23mm long and one pair of 27mm.


A hatchet with twin tires…