Nimbus Oracle 27.5 vs Kris Holm 27.5

Any recommendation as to which unicycle is “better”… The nimbus is the only one in stock which seems at the moment would technically be my best option but would the kris holm be worth waiting till July to purchase from UDC or wait till Mad4one gets the 27.5 tecno muni back in stock, anything that really sets one brand above the others?

This is the first time i’ve ever heard M4O had a completely out of stock standard unicycle. I’ve known them to be out of colours for URC frames, but that’s all.

I’m not sure if it’s a “standard” unicycle but the one I was looking at “tecno mountain unicycle wrc replica” says sold out…?

The WRC replica might be a special case. This is their standard muni: click

In terms of which is better… they’re all good. You can’t really go wrong with any off-the-shelf muni these days. Plus you can mix and match most parts if there is something specific you don’t like.

It used to be that if you liked blue then you bought a KH, if not then you bought a Nimbus. Now KH unis are black, and Mad4One and Qu-Ax are selling good machines with your choice of colour.

Buy whichever you like the look of, is in stock, and you can afford :sunglasses:

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I’ve been considering (coming from Europe) the KH, the Qu-Ax RGB and the M41 Techno when I bought my 27.5" muni.
At first I bought the Qu-Ax because of the crank / axle interface, but I quickly bought a M41 frame to replace the Qu-Ax frame. For me the QX frame is more of a cross country (lightweight, less strong) setup and the M41 is more of a downhill setup (stronger aluminum, a little heavier) which made the obvious choice for me since I weigh around 200lbs and like to jump and do drops.
I still have the QX axle though, but if I would do it all over again I would immediately go for an M41 techno since all my other uni’s have ISIS axles and that makes swapping cranks a lot easier…

As for KH, it looks nice, but since I like the more rough side of riding, I’m not happy with the rotor on the outside of the frame. riding close to rocks and stuff you have a bigger chance of damaging it…
But, it’s still a very capable machine:


All of the Nimbus Oracle, KH 27.5 and Mad4One Tecno are all very capable machines and I don’t really think you’d be disappointed with any.

The three of them have quite different seats though - especially if you go for a handle saddle on the M4O.

The Nimbus Oracle is built a bit more down to a lower price point, but honestly a lot of that is down to the colours. Oracles are black frames only, and a single colour for the rim. Painting is also cheaper than anodising.

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It’s a concern that I always understand as it’s theoretically correct, but I’d put money on not being able to find more KH riders who’ve damaged a disk than other brands. I’ve never personally had such an issue on a KH or know of anyone who has.

I’ve had similar problems with my bike (multiple times) and dropping in between a small space between 2 rocks is exactly where my fear is, but also doing a pedal grab / crank grab could seriously damage the rotor.
Of course that’s not what most people do with a muni, but I like to be versatile with my muni :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah I suppose if you like to crank grab on your muni on the RHS then it’s going to be a problem!

Regarding dropping between two rocks, you’re pretty unlikely to be doing that on a unicycle as you can’t roll out of that small gap, but I suppose it’s possible.

Rolling not, but hopping you can… I’m working on a downslope rockgarden which is too much to roll over. Certain lines are possible but you need to get really close to some higher rocks and others even require hopping down partially while in between rocks. Like I said, most people dont do that stuff with a muni, but I also have much stronger brakes than most riders. Guess it’s just my thing to do it this way :sweat_smile:

It’s only a matter of time before the brake debate appears. Us unicycle nerds will argue about things like this for days :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously @Daniel , all of the unicycles mentioned are good. Buy one and enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:


It seems to me that there is probabably about a 2 cm difference in where the disk is located. If you plan on doing pedal/crank grabs that’s probably a significant difference, but at the same time I’d be thinking that if you’re practicing them you’re bound to screw up repeatedly and that disk is going to get squashed regardless. Unlike on a bike, it’s still right there by your crank. Maybe coming up with a disk guard would be the solution. It would even give you another grab point.

Fair point, but as I already mentioned before, most people don’t do that stuff with their muni, so it’s irrelevant in most cases. And Ryan Kremsater really rides the KH hard without damaging the rotor, so that proves that the KH system is not an issue at all. But for ME it was a consideration.

I have a couple of KH’s and never had an problem with the disk on the outside. The problem is you are stuck with Spirit cranks. I like my KH (and my M41) but if I had a choice I would go internal disk before external just to have more freedom on crank selection.


Are M4O hubs compatible with other brand cranks such as impact isis cranks or do they only interface solely with M4O brand cranks?

They work with other brands too, ISIS M41 will work with all standard ISIS cranks.

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Awesome thank you !