Nimbus Nightrider Pro 36 ISIS -Frosted Night


Nimbus Nightrider Pro 36 ISIS -Frosted Night with Kris Holm Freeride Blue Saddle $100

I purchased this new in 2010 from It hasn’t been ridden in many years and has been stored in my garage. I’m getting too old to ride this now and am hoping to find a new home for it.

I would prefer to have somebody come and pick it up.



I know that you mentioned a preference for local pick-up, but would you be at all willing to ship it? I am a little up the coast in Maryland.

I might be up for that. Let me see if there is any local interest first, and I’ll get back to you.

Sounds good!

I’ll be out on the east coastal area at the end of the month. I can pick it up then.

Oh and the rubber looks real good from what I can tell in the photos but what shape is it in?

Hi Ed. That sounds good. Feel free to contact me when you’re in the area.

It’s in good shape, but I haven’t inflated the tire since I stored it in the garage several years ago. I can do that the next time I’m out there and report back.

Cool. It’ll actually be 1- 2 June passing north from GA. I’ll message you here a day or two in advance.


Do you still have it

Thanks for all of the inquiries. I have found a local buyer, so please consider this sale closed.

Cool. That means there is another rider in Charlotte? My in-laws are in Concord and when we visit (way less often since covid), I always try to meet up with locals.

Yeah, I’m 54 now so I don’t ride as much (which is why I was selling the 36er). I still have my 24”. One of my neighbors a block over rides too.

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