nimbus nightrider 36 with oregon hub and disk brake

i put this together about the time the oregon came out… 2 years ago id say. put lots of money into it and now ive found that unicycling is terrible for my knees so off it goes to someone who can use it. i really barely used it. really i rode it like 10 brief times so its pretty much new. i think there is one little mark on the frame that is probly not even a scratch and would rub out. ill try to get a pic of that. it has kris holm dual hole moment cranks 125/150. i put the oregon hub on as opposed to the nightrider one because the oregon has a steel spindle and the nightrider is aluminum and known to bend. never muni’ed or roughly ridden. green kris hold fusion freeride seat, green hub. nightrider rim with green rim strip and black frame. oh yeah it was in my hot car in the sun when i just bought it. and if you do that the air in the tires will expand and it ripped one hole of the rim strip and popped the tube so i patched the rim strip with duct tape witch works fine but in one of the holes is grey duct tape as opposed to green rim strip. if thats a problem i can buy a new 10 dollar rim strip and put it in. ok thats enough i would say $600 is what im asking, but im now a little out of touch on what these cost so let me know if im being rediculous. i have near $1000 into this.
im in ohio and can ship.
(216) 970-7795


here are some pics. in the third you can see the mark on the frame. its not really a scratch. it looks more like a mark. you can’t feel it so i think its on the paint and not a removal of it. also there is one other mark not pictured i found. much smalller than this one and also does not look like a scratch. also the brake is a bengal helix hydraulic. and the pedals and brake are white.




also…haha the seatpost is a kris holm and im not sure how long but im 6,4 and it can be taller than i would ever need or you can cut it. so im saying it should fit anyone tall enough to ride a 36er.

oh yeah, notice those little rubber hairs still on the tire showing how little use this has got.

That is the sister uni to mine, other than the tire and brake, what a sweet ride it is!

Someone should snap this up before I decide to buy a second one :roll_eyes:

Add one of those new Walt/Matt tires and a foss tube, and you’ll have an amazing 36" muni!!

Certainly is tempting.

Get it! NC needs more 36ers! :slight_smile:

I’m interested, PM me.

Looks like there’s a line for this already. Oh well.

Yeah there’s a little line I just got done building a box big enough. The first guy in line will have to ship out of the country for big money so if that is too much ill let everyone else know soon

I’d like to be on the wait list as well for this uni. Thanks!

How tall do you need to be to ride a 36? I’m 5’8" and have a 32-33" inseam. I have contacted Mike about this Uni. There are a few on the list ahead of me but he was nice enough to give me some info. He said the frame is 22 1/2" from hub to top of frame. My seat now would need to be raised about a 1/2" if my frame was 22 1/2" tall. That would be OK, but it leaves no room for a post mounted handle. UDC website says that a 30" inseam is the minimum required for the Oracle, I couldn’t find a minimum requirement for the KH36. Does anyone have the frame height from hub to top of frame for both of these? Does anyone know why Nimbus changed to the Oracle frame? Is it better or just easier to manufacture?


I have the exact same uni, you can clearly ride this uni, at worst you would need to use a fixed seat post, though I’ll bet you would be okay with the adjustable KH post.

My inseam is 34.5" measure barefoot crotch to floor, and there is 2.5" between the top of my seat post clamp and the bottom of the seat post base, this is running KH 150’s, with the seat dropped for technical muni. Add a half inch if you like lots of leg extension, add another quarter inch for road riding. If you used a fixed seat post, you’d gain another inch of clearance.

Also, you may want to reconsider getting the Nimbus underseat touring bar, it gets loose with use and is a PITA to adjust or tightern as it requires removing the seat from the post. The KH Touring Bar works very well, is lighter, stronger, and just as adjustable as the Nimbus without reducing seat clearance.

If you want to run 165’s you need to subtract another 3/5", and if you plan to ride off road, for sure the fixed seat post is going to be necessary unless you like to really stretch your legs, because you need some extra room to drop the seat. You can also run a thinly padded seat to improve clearance.

Nimbus changed frame designs because the twin hoop design is hard to make correctly, so it was coming in out of alignment, also the Oracle line as a whole is all single leg aluminum tube. The Oracle 36" is a nice uni, but I like this design better :slight_smile:

ok sorry for the inconvienience. the first person said he would buy it because i told him a much lower shipping price than what it actually came to be. so i finally got it boxed up, so now its all ready to go and well packed. shipping was very expensive for the first guy cause it was going out of country so if anyone in america wants it they should have alot better price. pickup would be even better. so sorry for making everyone wait but its ready to go so please get in touch with me if you are interested. (216) 970-7795

Thanks for all of the info. I thought the Nimbus mount was preferred, IDK. I wondered how it adjusted though, I guess that bolt is on the top, it would be a pain.
What did you mean by they come in and out of alignment? Did you mean that in the manufacturing they were getting them crooked. Once they are made straight they don’t twist or something do they? I wouldn’t think so or you wouldn’t be praising them.
I’m too new at this to really be considering a 36, but I can get carried away.

Hi Mike,

Could you please post the box dimensions and weight, as well as your zip code. I would be interested in seeing how much this is going to cost to ship.


Slighty off-topic, but I would like to chime in here. I find the opposite of what Ben has said. I have both the KH bar and the Nimbus Shadow handle, and overall find the shadow handle to be more sturdy. I originally ran the KH bar on my 36er, and ran it fully extended for road riding. No matter how tightly I screwed the bolts, the bar would always move up when I pulled on it and whenever I pushed on it it would move down. I now run it on my muni with a shorter extension, which works great. On my Shadow bar, the handle always stays where it is set to. True, the bolt can come loose which is a PITA, but it has only happened to me once and that was when I didn’t use locktite. After that, I retightened the bolt using locktite, and it has not come loose road riding or riding muni, and I am 200 pounds with gear and not exactly easy on my equipment. For most situations I prefer the Shadow bar. YMMV.

Good luck with your sale, sorry for the thread drift!

I’m so disappointed that shipping to Vancouver Island was too much. I was able to get a brand new KH36 for only $100 more.
This is a really sweet looking unicycle and in great shape. I’m sure someone (within the US) will snap it up quickly.

Wow, lots of thras drift, I guess I’m not helping :roll_eyes:

Twin hoop frames are harder to build and align with bearing holders, esp with longer frame legs, probably aggravated by being built in a factory overeas, which is why Nimbus went to a simpler single leg design.

That said, I love the twin hoop designs, both my 36/32 and my 29/26 are Nimbus twin hoop frames. This is a sweet uni, kinda suprised no one has snapped it up yet. I may have to bother Bert (upd in slc) as he needs one of these really bad!

As to the handle thing, to each his own, but I have seen the Nimibus underseat handles loosen from a UPD, and having only one bolt securing the seat, they are more prone to loosening and breaking, and looseing or failure is not something you want on the trail. Also, the seat and bar adjust at the same time, so you have less adjustability overall than the KH.

At the OP, hold on tight, someone will buy that uni. I’ll give some buddies a hollar and see if I can drum up some business :smiley:

the uni is now sold
thanks everyone