Nimbus Nightrider 36 - tire?

so i just received my new nimbus 36 today. i put it together, aired the tire(nightrider, rated to 65 psi) only to 55 psi…i took off and less than half a mile later, BOOM…

i inspected the tire, there’s definitely no puncture.

looks like the bead failed. here’s a couple pics. some of the bead flew away i guess, and some hung on. i’m going to call udc tomorrow to see if they will replace my tire and tube (they should…they have a month warranty for manufacturing defects, and i think that’s what it was).

i’ve never heard of this happening to anyone else. i thought it was a good tire.

pics…of the bead

Ouch. They should warranty that. Never would have thought that the casing would rip away from the bead like that.

I have been told that it’s a good idea to only partially inflate the tire, to approx 30# or so, let it sit for several hours, then fully inflate it.

But who wants to wait that long to try the new toy?

This is a good idea if you are trying to prevent the bead blowing off the rim, but in this case the sidewall separated from the bead. I would say it is a defective tire, and it should be replaced.

I had a similar thing happen to a Serfas tire. It turned out that there was a very small cut along the bead from a super sharp edge. The bike shop replaced the tire no questions asked.

I had a similar experience with my Nightrider, the tyre just exploded whilst I was stopped for a break on a ride. The wire bead was broken. No warranty replacement was given, I had to pay full price for a new tyre.

I’ve had that happen once with a Continental bike tyre. Failed as I was inflating it. The place I bought it from just replaced it without question. Similar damage can be done by really ham-fisted fitting (forcing the bead over the rim with a lever without pushing the opposite side into the rim well), but in that case it usually ends up with the bare wire bead exposed rather than splitting between the bead and the sidewall. I suppose it could have been cut by a sharp edge on the rim - have you felt round the inside of the rim?


well, hopefully they’ll replace it, callin em now.

cause if they don’t, i’m returnin the whole unicycle. and will probably buy a road bike with that money.

replaced without question - didn’t even have to send in the old tire and tube.

new tire & tube on its way.

this time i’ll air it to 40, ride it about 100 miles, and go up by like 2 psi each time until i get to 50, and then i won’t bring it past there…

do any of you use your nightriders at 65 psi? i wanted to be able to use it at that, but it looks like i won’t be trying.

Nimbus sucks…

Just kidding;). Defective tire, you should be fine to put it at 55 since it’s rated for it (and if it blows again, send it back to UDC).

yeah youre right…i should air it right up to 55 to see if it’s another defect :stuck_out_tongue: …doubt it will be tho :stuck_out_tongue:

the guy said the nimbus nightrider tire is one of the hardest to get on…says it’s a 2 person job, and that using windex helps get it on… i wonder if someone messed it up while trying to get it on, lol.

so unexpected though. my old nimbus 36er has the coker button tread tire…rated to 32 psi. and i’ve had it at 45-50 psi for over a thousand miles…never ever had a problem with it.

I run mine in between 60 and 65 all the time : ) never had any problems. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. probably a fluke. . . .

oh wow, is the tube busted too? I missed that earlier or something O.o

oh yeah…it was loud. even with headphones on one of my ears was ringing.

just got my new tire & tube. it’s mounted on there…it’s at 45 psi right now. i’m too scared to go higher…even though its rated for that…lol//takin off right now for a 10 miler or so…just until it gets dark.

wish me luck! if this thing explodes, thatsssssss it, im returnin the whole thing and gettin a road bike.

I have over 200 miles on mineat 65 psi… don’t worry about it, the blow-up was a fluke.

Inflate it to 65 psi if you want to, it’ll hold, that’s what it’s rated at.

turned into about a 15 mile ride. it was the most enjoyable 15 miles ever.

i have much better acceleration and can turn easier on this.

it’s so solid!

i love it.

i’m going out for another mini ride…had to grab my helmet light.

it shall be fun.

I have taken my 24" hookworm to 20 PSI over the max (but more typically 10 over or as I get in better shape the rated max). Been exceeding the max on bike and uni tires for years. My kenda whatever on my Nimbus 20" is 10 over right now. I’ve ridden skinny road bike tires at 115 with 95 PSI max on the sidewall.

My only blow off was a long long time ago (like 30 yrs long ago) on a BMX tire.

just got back from my second ride. this thing is such a beast.

can’t wait till tomorrow. lol. too tired now.

Try 65psi. It will be fine.

I do. I think most owners do. It should hold. Mine is over a year old and still good.

Dang! Wanted to get in a quick ride on my KH36 today. Inflated the tire and was getting ready to put the uni in the car when BLAM! - blowout. The bead has separated from the tire - bummer. I’ve had this uni for over a year, but I’ve been riding it more the past few months. I had the tire off of the rim for the first time a week ago to fix a flat. I had a blowout after that, and now another. I’m trying to order a replacement, and shipping from UDC is $50 :astonished: I’m trying to see if I can get a LBS to order it and avoid paying for shipping.