Nimbus Nightfox With A 29" Wheel?

I was wondering if anyone in the know could tell me if the Nightfox would ride alright with a 29" wheel?

It’d be ideal if I could swap the wheel to fit different rides…29" for off-road rides and 36" for long road rides :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any info/tips.

Yes. Any frame will do fine with a wheel that is smaller than the one that it was designed for. Just make sure that you build your new wheel with the same bearing spacing.

Cheers Sas, that’s kinda what I thought. I just wasn’t sure about the riding stability, with all that frame above a smaller wheel…
Would the Nightfox frame be different to a standard 36er frame, with the 29" wheel on it?

Only a couple more weeks now until I order!!

The only difference would be the 29er wheel would need to be built with a wide hub and thus wouldn’t be compatible with any other 29er frames without a rebuild.

Ah, I see…

Cheers Dave

The Oregon is wide.

I’m not actually interested in owning a 29er frame (yet…)
My question was aimed more at riding stability with a 29" wheel, on the Nightfox’s unique frame (no raising/lowering the seat without the forks)

Thanks for your replies though :slight_smile:

26" MUni wheel set in a Nightfox frame.

Young children are vertically challenged. The 27.5" (70cm) minimum inseam length on the Nimbus Nightfox is a Godsend. Even the 24" Nimbus MUni (and KH24) require a minimum inseam length of 29" (74cm). My goal is to build the shortest (minimal required inseam length) MUni ever! My 9 year old son’s legs are growing longer and it won’t be very long before he is ready for a Nightfox of his own.

The Mountain Bike Trails we frequent are not extremely technical. I’m not a fan of the 24" wheel due to limited tire choices and they are going to need to keep up with my KH29er.:stuck_out_tongue:

Here are my plans for a 26" wheel set to go in his Nightfox frame.
Hub: Nimbus ISIS drive (Disc) 32H, all steel splindle,125mm center bearing to center bearing
Tire: 26" x 2.75" Surly Dirt Wizard
Rim: KH 26" (drilled) 36H, 47mm wide or Surly Marge Lite 32H, 65mm wide (also drilled).

My 11 year old daughter is still not tall enough for my 26er Oracle but will be soon.

Here he is on his 20" Club

I’ve seen the pic and vid of your daughter riding, she’s doing great!
Your son is coming along nicely too :slight_smile:

I’ve been re-considering buying the Nightfox. I’m torn between it and the Oracle…What are your thoughts?
I wouldn’t class myself as ‘vertically challenged’ and can’t see anyone I know ever wanting to try riding. What other pros are there to the Nightfox over the Oracle?

I’d be interested to see how your 26" wheel in the Nightfox goes, please keep this thread updated with the results.
Do you reckon, with the forks at your hight, you’d also be able to ride a 26" wheel with it comfortably?