Nimbus Nightfox Paniers

I’ve had my Nimbus Nightfox for almost a year now and love it. Lately I’ve been wanting to commute to my college which is about a 13 mile commute in one direction. My goal is to attach panniers to my unicycle to take stress off of my back but the frame of the Nightfox is very unique with the split tube frame design.

I’m working on 3d printing a Mount for a seat post pannier rack but I’m curious to see if anyone else has tried attaching panniers to a Nightfox before? I’m not convinced that my 3d printing idea will work so I’m trying to think of alternatives.

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A saddle bag like this would work on a Nightfox:

This fitting is bolted onto the existing rear saddle bolts:

The same idea could be used with a larger bag with maybe support straps around each leg of the forks.

Do you Ride pour Nigjtfox which out a Brake? M’y Nigjtfox have a Brake.

I also habe a Triton 36" ans also a third 36" a old blue Kris Holm.

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Ah I’ve seen these before, I think a variation of these hooks popped up on the 3d printed parts forum. Just checked and sure enough, @mowicus shared a design for these hooks. Completely forgot about these but I think something like that would work well. Thank you for the idea :call_me_hand: I’ll still have to design and print another support piece like you’re saying, but it might be better than what I had originally thought.

Lots of thoughts. It’s probably time to start prototyping and testing already.

Yeah I’ve been riding without a brake. When I bought it, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a brake. But with the amount of hills around me, the brake is now a must have. I’m in the process of installing one, but only have the rotor on. I have to figure out a way to attach the brake caliper to the frame - I ordered the wrong one so I have to make an adapter to fit it. What brake kit do you have on your Nightfox?

This is mine, a work in progress

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If there is no fitting on the frame a D-Brake adapter will work on a Nightfox.

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Onehunna, you can make it very easy using PP water pipes.
If you need more detales and advices, write please me in PM.



I also use thé D Brake Adapter from Nimbus. IT works good. I Ride with thé Kris Holm Dual Spirit Cranks but you can also ,If you Had thé right Hub, you can Go for am INSIDE Brake, which isn’t so expensive for thé Ctanks. But i don’t know which Hub do you use for this.

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From your photo, your frame has a disc brake tab on it so you don’t need a d’brake, just the proper size adapter for your brake – you don’t need to make anything, just get the correct adapter and bolt it on. The NightFox didn’t originally have a tab so you needed a d’brake with those (as per the photo in your original post).

You probably need an IS to Post Mount adapter depending on the brake you have and size of the disc, I can’t remember at the moment if the mount on the frame is IS-Front or IS-Rear (I think it is IS-Front but you’d need to check). If in doubt get a bike shop to sort you out, these are standard bike parts and not particularly expensive.

With respect to the panniers, check with UDC if you can insert the rear part of a Nimbus Shadow Handle in your frame. That would allow you to hang stuff off the back pretty securely. The front handle is, as far as I know, the front of a Shadow Handle set, and the seat mount is very similar, it is just that it is part of the frame rather than a pivotal seat mount like the ‘conventional’ Shadow Handle one. That said, I’ve never seen a NightFox or Shadow Handle ‘in the flesh’.

Edit: Here is some stuff I said about disc brake adapters in the past:

How much stuff do you need to carry? I think you could probably hang a bag (maybe look around bike frame bags for something suitable) between the seat and the tire, which would have the weight in a nice and central place too.
That wouldn’t be enough for a laptop or a full set of spare clothes, but a lunchbox, waterbottle and rainjacket could fit.

I’m a big fan of panniers on my bike, but I think on a unicycle it’s best to keep the weight as central and tightly packed as possible.

This gave me another idea, once my 3d printer is up and working again I’ll update with some progress.

Wow that’s super helpful, I had no idea there were adapters for this. So that’s a major relief, I thought I’d have to spend a few days trying to get it to fit and measure up correctly. Thank you for sharing that! I also checked and all the sources I could find suggest it’s an IS to Post Front mount for unicycles. Found one online for around $10, should be coming this weekend :sunglasses:

As for the Nimbus Shadow handle, I think you’re right - it looks pretty identical. The back end on the nimbus is shut off so I’d have to cut it open or drill it out, probably not going to do that quite yet but I think it would be a good option. Seems like there’s plenty of people using the Shadow Handle to hold panniers, so that’s pretty neat.

Yeah I’m thinking I’ll keep my laptop in my backpack, I’d hate for a UPD to take it out. But yes, I’m planning on carrying a lunchbox, some extra clothes, a heavy lock, maybe a small book or two but I’m trying to keep it as light as possible. I don’t want to struggle to balance my gear. I have some gnarly hills on my ride so ease over effort hopefully.

That’s a good point about the weight being central. I’ll look into a small bag, I have a small triangle shaped bag I’ve tried using but it sags too much and since I can only hang it on one side of the frame it leans in and rubs against the tire. Could probably benefit from a different shaped bag though.

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Glad to be of some assistance.

Check that it isn’t just a blanking plug that has been inserted into the hole, if it is you can probably just push it out from the other end.

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No the back end is not a plug. I’ve considered drilling mine out but have not and it may weaken the joint. It is a highly loaded joint.

Fair enough, that answers that then for sure, thanks. :grinning:

Update: I was able to save myself a ton of time and headache and ended up printing those saddle hooks. I scrapped my other ideas because they would’ve taken way too much time to design and print. These took an hour, which I’m stoked about.

The pannier rack I have is a universal rear bike rack, I just took out the middle support that would clamp onto a seat post and voila. I attached the top end of the rack to the saddle hooks with some velcro straps. I haven’t tested anything out yet, but the fitting is right. So I’m curious to see how everything handles a load, it all feels sturdy but I worry that any of the printed pieces may fail. The only other part to fix are the screws sticking out. I haven’t ridden it because of that, but it’ll be an easy fix with a quick trip to the hardware store.

Also have the brake officially installed! I really was not expecting to get help with that so I appreciate y’all starting the topic.

Testing everything out this weekend in Yosemite, so hoping that it all works out.


Looks promising but I would be worried about the 3d printed part.
While at the hardware store why not look for some angle brackets. They come in many variations. I’m sure you could find a few that could replace the 3d printed brackets. They might need adjustments and/or some spacer to make them fit the saddle. But I suppose you could have a more sturdy setup.



Not that I don’t like the fluorescent green of the Nightfox, I actually do, but I love your paintjob :+1:

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Well thank you! It took a good amount of effort to pull off and it could be better, but I’m stoked with it. My next step is to figure out a way to black out the saddle without actually buying a new saddle.