Nimbus Nightfox frame and short cranks

… and a 6 year old can cycle a 36er! :clap:t2:


On tiptoes no less.

It is a very clever unicycle. Meanwhile at 6 years old, I was impatiently waiting to grow enough to fit onto a 20" uni. (I was always on the short side, and 16" unicycles were not commonly found then).

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Very impressive!! And with pretty short cranks.
That kid is a natural.

Imagine how good he’d be if he just carries on riding in to adulthood

mhm makes me wonder if my kid of 8 can ride my unis. She is my stepkid/fosterkid dunno the right word. She is Thai fullblood, so very small. As I am 1.86, all my seats are too high, even in the lowest position and I don’t want to saw off the seat posts.
Bravo for the 6 year old, but it doesn’t look like he rides comfortably.

Can’t you get a very cheap used 16/20" if you look in the local paper or FB marketplace?

You can buy a short seat post, they aren’t expensive… maybe even a local rider could lend or sell you one?

My daughter wasn’t able to reach the pedals on my Nightfox. Maybe with shorter cranks, but I didn’t want to switch cranks back and forth just for a few minutes of riding. She’s 9 and her mother is 145cm. I’m 185, but she got more of her mothers genes when it comes to stature.

I have a 16" lying around that I bought for the same purpose (12 year old) but I didnt realize that he is better off with a 20", so I’ve got a club now as well :wink:

I also have a kids seatpost and seat lying around gathering dust :wink: