Nimbus Muni 26"

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Re-posting a unicycle I’d like to sell/trade. Currently it’s just taking up space in my apartment. Never did learn/try to muni! If you are a hardcore muni’er, please tell me how much I’m missing out on! It’s about to snow soon here in Michigan.
Neither of my unicycles (the other one’s a 36") are seeing much riding these days.

Attached are some photos I snapped with my phone.

I guess you didn’t ride it much, but I was wondering how you like the 26" Berm Master. I was thinking about getting one, but I don’t know if I want to go that narrow. I really like the 24" version.

Yeah, I never muni’d with this unicycle so I couldn’t tell you how the tire performs for that.

It was very stable riding around on sidewalks at full psi. The few times I tried off-roading with it I fell, probably because it was so inflated.

Man! Where was this a month ago?

When did you buy this?

Do you have a number in mind for what you are trying to get for it?


A month ago it was also chilling in my apartment. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had this since August, ridden it very little.

I’m actually having trouble pulling the trigger on selling this… since I irrationally want to have a muni and a 36er even though I never muni, just “for the option”.

That being said, PM me your offer. May it convince me to stop being a hoarder.

What I need to do is go muni and decide whether I like it or not. Not sure why I haven’t yet.

how much are you looking for

Do you have a number in mind

Do you still have this? Where are you located?

26 muni

In Michigan in Ann arbor 48104.
Yes, still have it. Any reasonable offer considered. Let me know if I can be of help in any way.

do you have a number in mind

It is up again

Made up mind to sell this (finally).
Sorry to everyone who was interested before now.

Basically looking for <$300 TYD. You can probably have for <$250 shipped depending on where you live.

Get at me with zips and offers. Thanks in advance.

Here are the two tires it comes with:
Venture cranks

sale pending. anyone want the Coker?

Sold. Now just have the Coker Big One available.