Nimbus muni 26", dominator 2, what tires fit?

I have a 26" Nimbus Muni with 26 x3.00 tire on a Dominator 2 rim. Needs a new tire. What are my knobby tire size choices? 26? 27.5? And of course it needs to fit my frame. Doesn’t look like I can go much wider , as there seems to be only a 1/4 inch to spare on each side of the tire to the frame. 3" or wider… Thanks.

I can’t quite tell if you are serious or trolling, but here goes.

Your 26" rim will only fit 26" tires (XX-559)

If your frame doesn’t have clearance for anything over 3", don’t get anything over 3"

Maxxis Minion DHF 26"x2.8"

I have been very happily using a Maxxis Minion DHF 26"x2.8" on my 26" Nimbus Muni with 42mm Dominator 2 rim. The unicycle is probably about 2 or 3 years old. I bought the unicycle used and it was stock with a Duro WildLife 26"x3" tire. It might be the same model unicycle you have.

I wanted the biggest volume tire that would fit my frame, be grippy on the trails and last through SOME use on pavement. I probably average about 30% pavement and 70% offroad on it. The Duro did not last too long due to the pavement riding.

I have a 3" duro Wildlife on my 24". Putting the two tires side by side I see little difference in the width of the nominally 3" wide and 2.8" wide tire.

This tire comes in either a 60 tpi dual compound combo or a lighter 120 tpi grippier 3 compound combo. I chose the cheaper heavier tire as the lower tpi makes a stronger (but heavier) casing which should be able to handle lower air pressures and the slightly less grippy tread should suffer pavement better.

I have found my 2.8" wide Minion is lighter than the Duro, lasts longer on pavement, has good volume. It doesn’t track as well through mud as the Duro but then it inspires more confidence through mud than my 29"x2.4" Maxxis Ardent. Maybe it’s because the centre knobs are ramped on the Minion.

Anyway, it’s my favourite tire on my unicycles and has made my 26" unicycle the one I most often reach for. I’ll save the 24" for working on spots on the trails that I need that extra maneuverability.

Serious, almost always. I read a Sheldon Brown article on tire sizing that confused me where a 26 by 1.75 isn’t the same as a 26 x1 3/4" and how a 26" rim might be 559 to almost 600mm. BSD Huh? Iso cross reference? what?
I wasn’t expecting to be more confused AFTER ready the article. But I was.

This helps, thanks. I don’t think I’m a troll… Would I know?

Yes, I have the duro leopard now and pavement IS killing the tire. But it’s my favorite uni , right now.