Nimbus Muni 24 vs 2010 Torker DX 24

Hi, my name is Andy. I am new to riding. I was thinking of getting either a 2010 Nimbus Muni 24 or a 2010 Torker DX 24.

I was wondering which would be better as I progress to dirt?

Are there different models of the Nimbus Muni 24? If so, which is comparable to the DX in price and performance.

Also, which is lighter?

Thanks so much for your advise, I am super psyched on riding.

So you’re just not sure where to post? This is copied from the other post you made regarding this topic.

The Nimbus is known to be solid. The Torker is a bit of an unknown right now. The hub on the Torker is potentially stronger than the Nimbus hub, not to mention the CrMo ISIS cranks it comes with. In fact if the parts on the Torker are anything like their potential, they are probably as strong as you could get on a uni. The only problem is that the uni just became available recently, and there aren’t very many out there. In time we will all know how it fairs, but for now it will take a bit of a leap of faith on the part of would be MUni riders.

CrMo Frame
36 spoke wheel, ISIS
Nimbus Venture ISIS cranks, aluminum
Magura Brake mounts, nice if you ever plan on running brakes
3" tire
weight (per UDC) 16 lbs.

CrMo Frame
48 spoke wheel, ISIS
Torker CroMoly ISIS cranks
NO BRAKE BOSSES, not important if you never plan on running brakes.
2.6" tire
weight (per UDC) 15.2 lbs.

I was wondering if Torker and nimbus wheelsets are interchangeable? I have the Torker dx 24 and at some point would like to build a new wheel, but nimbus parts seem to be a much more available around here. I would also like to switch to the Nimbus frame with brake mounts someday.

Are the hubs, bearings et cetera the same size?

you can have a Torker wheel in a Nimbus frame with the bearing shims. I used to ride that setup. But you can’t have a nimbus wheel in a Torker frame because Nimbus uses 42mm bearings and Torker uses 40mm.

Jacob is right about the old black/red DX, but the newer ISIS ones have a 41mm bearing. It shouldn’t be a big deal to get a shim for it, but it is a little different.

Honestly though, if you want to change the wheel, and eventually get a Nimbus frame you might as well just get a new uni. The Nimubs MUni’s go on sale occasionally, so the next time you see it on sale I would be that it will be cheaper than buying the parts separately.

I forgot that the new Torkers were ISIS. What I did is that I changed the frame and I used shims on the bearings, then I changed my hub for a Nimbus 48h ISIS hub. Next thing is going to be a wide 32h rim to go with my Muni :slight_smile:

Like jtrops said though, you might just buy a Nimbus when they are on sale.