nimbus isis trials out of stock (again)

the nimbus isis trials is out of stock again.
i am lucky because i got mine 2 weeks ago.

it went so fast…

Umm… is it the end of the world?

most definatly. two of my friends are going to get one but know they have to wait:(

I hope when the night riders come back they don’t go that fast.

does anyone know when they’ll be back?

It just goes to show how good the Nimbus ISIS Trials Uni is.

If it was not as good it would not sell out as fast or as often as it does.

A great trials uni at a fantastic price, what more could you want.


Ive been looking at getting one but it could just be cheaper to upgrade what I have got as all that I need is the wheel, cranks and hubs. Choices choices choices.

I might be wrong but I’m thinking that the Nimbus round crown frames are meant for 40mm bearings. UDC sells a tough chromoly 48 spoke hub with 40 mm bearings and a wider flange spacing for $30.00. I’m thinking about putting one together. It’ll cost more buying the parts one at a time, but a good hub for $30.00 and the round crown for $25.00 seems like a good start. I sent an email asking what it would cost to buy an assembled wheelset with this hub. When I get a reply, I’ll stick it on this thread.

Stupid me… That hub isn’t splined. Crap! Oh well, on to plan B