Nimbus ISIS Trials 20 vs Nimbus Trial signature series

So I’m looking at these 2 unicycles and they seem to be very similar to each other, Normally I would do the research myself and pick one the buy but in this case I was wondering if anyone had any experience or advice.

The two unicycles in question are
and here

With the specs so similar I’m leaning towards the Nimbus ISIS Trials 20 solely on looks.

Oh, and for the record. I’ve been riding for quite some time now, I can ride 1 footed, Hop up and down stairs, Ride backwards, seat out etc. I am very interested in starting some street/trials riding. My current unicycle is in no way suited to that so this is my first “upgrade” (provided I can get the cash, of course :stuck_out_tongue: )

i have 3 regular nimbus, and 2 signatures. they’re the same except for the color…love em all.

oh and my 2nd nimbus signature came with an aluminum seatpost, and i didn’t even know it was gonna come with one.

just be sure to upgrade to moments.

i have already bent my ventures slightly, not even from hopping.

There is a thread on the Signature vs ‘regular’ at

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I did search for this but didn’t come up with much so that link was great.

Looks like I’ll be forking out that little bit extra for a nice coloured uni :slight_smile: