Nimbus ISIS Hub

Brand new Nimbus ISIS 36 hole hub with 100 mm spacing. Includes bearings, spacers and crank bolts.

For more specs see:

$45 including shipping within U.S.

No more creaking hub

If you have a creaking KH Moment hub, this hub will replace it for a quiet, creak free ride.


Would it be practical to post to Australia for a bit extra?

Biggest problem would be how to pay you. I wonder if Paypal can do it?

I think the shipping cost to Australia would be high. My zip code in the US is 20874 if you would like to get a quote.

Delivery cost isn’t too bad. US Postal Service site quoted $22.75 to Australia and about $12 for a random US domestic delivery.

Payment and currency exchange is the bigger issue.

This hub is still available.

Still available?

Can’t believe I didn’t see that when I was in NC for xmas…

Yes it is available.