Nimbus ISIS 36 muni hub

How strong is it? how big of drops could it handle?
the title is wrong I mean the ISIS hub for the 24" muni hub

very strong very awesome.

I commonly do 4-5 feet drops and have no problems. I have used my Nimbus 26 ISIS for Muni, trials, and some street but it has not budged. I have also hopped an 8 set stair without it breaking :smiley:

this hub will be a great choice for your next uni

very strong.

It’s the same as previous KH but with better flange drilling, I’m using it on my 24" because looking is better according to my opinion and cheaper !

Im using the Nimbus ISIS hub on both my 26" Muni wheelsets, on my 29" and in early days (before i got the KH Ti hub) i used it for my trials too.

Its a very good, solid hub. You wont break it.

Nimbus makes a very nice product for the money. The only problem I’ve ever had was with the Venture cranks.

I am getting KH 150mm with the unicycle