Nimbus Impulse 36"

I’m riding unicycle since August 2014. My wife, her I have to blame for this :smiley: She rides several years, and with 162cm also the Nimbus Nightfox 36".
Myself I own a Qu-AX Muni 24" Disc and a QU-AX 29" Q-Axle Disc. Both I ride with a lot of joy, as good as a newbe can with todays exactly 37 years :smiley: Both of these two I got as a gift, my wife is much too lovely with me :o
But to ride after a 36" with a 24" or 29", mhm, I need something equal :o

I like Nimbus, as well as QU-AX, specially the Oregon and the Impulse. Like the design, the tubing and form.
So, I did it! Purchased at Unicycle UK a Impulse frame with the assembled wheel and some other parts…
I ordered between Christmas and new year. Nick assembled the wheel according my wishes. During purchasing Roger gave my answers to several stupid questions from me. Thanks to both of them.

Then, last Thursday the parcel arrived near Zürich…


Yey :slight_smile:
Congrats Rubberduck :slight_smile:
Enjoy your new ride.
You Can Never Have Too Many Unicycles :slight_smile:

I had some issues during assembly


The wheel was not centered in the frame.
No issue for riding I guess, but I want to have it symetrical.
So self is the home worker. I made a little gauge, and a real big piece of wood :smiley:


And it worked quite well :stuck_out_tongue:


I finished the assembly some days ago now, but I was not able to ride it. I got a flu and I try to get rid of the fever.
I would like to have presented pics in action, but this can last an other week or so… Till now I was not able to ride it, so from this no info. But I have some pics, at lest from the cellar.
It looks real nice, did not expect that to look that nice :smiley:
Now it is up to me, to ride it how it is intended to be…

Looks good…enjoy the ride…and I must say what a fabulous wife you have…:slight_smile:

Very sharp looking, Rubberduck! I hope that having it and looking forward to riding speeds your recovery. Happy riding. :slight_smile:

I’ve always had an eye for the old Impulse frames. I think they look by far the best.

That’s some slick cable routing too.

So practical too, I could actually lock my uni up properly! :slight_smile:

I agree though, they look amazing, specially in that sort of non-shiny chalkboard-black colour.

Today I did it the first time! I rode my Alois, that’s his new name :smiley:
It it a bit tricky to get on Alois, need always several attempts, but once on him, it is very, very nice! I did expect it to be like this, the feeling on a 36".

I can say, that I am very satisfied with Alois. Finally I can ride aside with my wife on 36" :smiley: