Nimbus II or Nimbus Trials ISIS Splined hub?

Hey i was going to get the nimbus trials ISIS splined hub uni but i was looking at some freestyle vids today and found out that all the tricks i want to do i can do with a freestyle uni. I wasnt going to do hell dero tricks on my trials anyway, just like 360, wheel walking, riding backwards, crank flips, sex change ( dunno if thats a uni term but i dont no wat its called ),ect.

So i think a freestyle uni would do me, the trials is $400 and the freestyle is $250 so i think i might get that. When i told my mum the trials was $400 her jaw dropped so i think if i tell her its $250 she might think thats a bit better priced. Im paying for it myself by the way just to let you no, i also think that the trials uni might be to heavy for me, as im 42kg and 13, 14 on october 28th everyone.

If u have any other suggestions of wat uni i should get like a nimbus X instead of the II or something please tell me.

doing jumps and stuff is fun

so should the nimbus II do me or should i get the nimbus X. I checked out the nimbus II and X and there almost identical except for the frame. I heard people dont like the nimbus X frame as its to small on the top and hard to stand on.

I would go for the Trials because you would be able to do what you can do on the freestyle but then would open doors incase you wanted to start trials.

tru but for $200 do i really need it? Wont it be to heavy to do some freestyle moves? Ill think about it, im getting it in november 16th wat ever uni i get thats the agreement i made with my mum so i will ride and see what i like doing more weather its flatland, freestyle, street or trials.

I think i kinda wanna do freestyle and flatland so what would be better for that?

Get the Nimbus X Longneck. The frame on it is amazing! I’ve got a Nimbus X Longneck myself, although mine is an older model without the awesome new frame. I have seen the new model in person, though, and I’d say it’s even better than much-loved Sem Longneck, which I also used to own.

I think you should get the trials uni but if you are going freestyle, I’d definitely go with the Nimbus X 2007. This is a newly designed frame and as Tyler said is easily one of the best. It was the old Nimbus X that had a small crown not this new one.

You could put a nimbus x frame on the nimbus ISIS

W/ ww it’s harder because the frame is so small on top. It’s way easier on my rounded crown 20" learner and 24" DX, w/ the learner a bit easier than my 24 (I cheet by holding onto a rail, I definately can tell the difference between the three though).

I don’t think the Nimbus X Street frame would have that problem.

They look about the same to me.
Pre 2007

Trust me, I’ve seen both. They are VERY different, and the 2007 frame is MUCH better. The '07 crown is very much wider (good) and a lot closer to the tire (good).

To see them both on a wheelset, compare this unicycle (the 2007 Nimbus frame), and this unicycle (the pre-07 Nimbus frame). Big difference. I would dare say that the 07 frame is an inch or more wider than the pre-07.

I own the pre-07 Nimbus longneck frame, and it is a pain in the ass to do standup tricks on – It’s too skinny and far from the tire. I am muchly tempted to pick myself up an 07 Nimbus frame.

Oh they are, trust me, its a world of difference. I owned the old one and I’ve seen the new one. It doesn’t even compare. Theres so much more room on the crown, especially with the shape of the new one.

so u reckon i should get this uni then?

its gonna be cheaper for me to get the nimbus trials uni than getting the 2007 nimbus X.
So ill just get the trials.

and like isaac said i can do street,flatland,trials and freestyle on my trials uni so i wouldnt be resricted. Plus it would work out better in the long run, yeh ill stick with my trials. It might be $30 more than the Nimbus X freestyle but would save me so much more money later on.

Thnx guys for the comments u hav been a great help.

Good choice.

yeh. Might be a bit more but its worth it.