Nimbus II longneck frame ??

I`m thinking about buying this frame and ride trial with him.
What do you think abaut this frame ??
Are somebody ride trial with this frame ???


i dont kno about trials but for free style is okay…

I should think it’s a fine frame. It’s used on the nimbus street unicycle so we know that it can be used for trials/street.

i guess i just dont really like lngnecks. personal prefference

cause you’ve ridden on so many

maybe i have. one of my friends has one.

Witch its better for me / 300 or 400mm ??

I`m 173cm high and i will ride Trial .

I think thats 300mm will be better for Trial :slight_smile:


Hi Damjan,

some of my friends ride the Sigmono longneck frame for trials and they are very satisfied with it. We are also thinking about another new longneck frame but that is for the future.
which lenght you prefere is easy to measure, just take a look at your old trials and how many space you have to the saddle :slight_smile: In the end it is also possible to cut the frame and make it exact that length that you want, I know that you are able to do that :slight_smile:

Long Neck for trials is great !

I`m not Damjan, but my name its Nejc, Damjans friend. We are meat in Gračišče if your remember :slight_smile:

Will you comm in Vodice next year on the Eurocycle 08 ??:slight_smile: