nimbus II frame instead of torker DX frame

curious in the long battle to make the DX lighter and stronger. my curiousity goess to the nimbus frame.

Would actualy be an uprade to buy this nimbus from and replace the dx frame with it.I would have to buy bearing shim for it to make it 42 i think… OR would it be a downgrade and a totall waste of my money?

i’ve already gone one step by buying a KH street saddle to replace the heavy bulky Dx saddle.

It would be a upgrade, a good one. You would have to shim it, but that is not a problem at all.

yer i have done it but replaced it with a nimbus coloured round top and put an onza limey saddle on it now its a nice looking uni

i think i’ll do that sometime… thanks alot guys!

will it fit the seatpost that comes with the DX?

Yeah, it will.

The frame is kind of the achilles heel of the dx, it’s bulky and not too strong.

I stripped my torker clamp and I now have a nimbus clamp.
If you want to go even lower I would go with a rounded crown, since it’s actually stronger.

and not may people have em so its coolio.

the rounded frame is stronger? i’ll get the flatter crown becouse i use my trials for alot of one foot riding.

That’s what I’ve heard, and it makes sense because when you land after a large drop the pressure isn’t put mainly on the two square welds like the torker frame, but more evenly distributed.

When I was riding Torker I hated the frames, I have 3 broken dx frames in my backyard, all destroyed in a matter of months…I just put an old Yuni frame, which is pretty much the equivelent(sp?) of a nimbus, strong and not that heavy, cheap upgrade thats for sure :smiley: